Strategic message planning is an important aspect of every organization since it enables it to create marketing advertisements that are able to clearly state the intended message to the target client (Aeker 56-58). In this case, a business is able to know how to express its message in a manner that is easily and clearly understandable to its target market. Consequently, the organization is able to achieve its advertisement goals.
Coca-Cola: Dark Iftar Advert
The Dark Iftar advert by Coca-Cola is a creative advertisement that aims at creating unity among people from different societies and cultures. In this advert, Coca-Cola shows the prejudices that people have towards certain communities and persons primarily based on simple judgments of their character, such as by looking at their physical appearance. In this advert, Coca-Cola places 6 strangers in a dark room and they each begin describing their hobbies. Interestingly, the characters of these people are strangely different from their physical appearance (Coca-Cola). For example, Gareth, a man in a wheelchair enjoys high-risk sports such as bungee jumping, while Iracqa, a rock artist, is dressed in a sharp suit. More strangely, a psychologist who specializes in cognitive psychology and behavioral science has tattoos all over his face. Once the lights are switched on, the six are shocked to discover that the personalities of these people differ significantly from their looks. In this advert, Coca-Cola aims at illustrating the prejudices associated with making judgments based on appearance (Arabian Marketer). In this brand, Coca-Cola advertises its soda, Coke, as unifying products that can be used to unite people through sharing a drink and learning about each other. Since the advert was shown during the Ramadhan period, it also illustrated that the holiday should not be viewed as simply a Muslims festive, rather, all people from different religions and communities should celebrate with the Muslim community.
Du’s ‘#Post Wisely’
Du’s ‘#Post Wisely’ is a creative advert by the Arabian Marketer that shows the dangers of reckless posting of personal information on social media. In this advert, the advertiser illustrates how individuals can read a person’s details based on his/her postings and use it to manipulate or endanger the individual who put these posts. In the advert, an elderly man is shown making verbal replies to postings made by a 16-year-old 8th-grade student. He lies to the individual that he is 14 year and can assist her in mathematics. Creatively, the advertiser focus on the elderly man’s eye, which is used to illustrate that conversation made on social media are public, and not private since anybody can view them. The lies he makes show that people can use the internet communication systems and computers to conceal or lie about their identity. The mentioning of ages 14 and 16 and academic levels such as 8th grade enables this advert to reach its target audience, who are minors (Du’s). Equally important, the illustration of girl chatting with the stranger through the reflections on the stranger’s eye show how innocent but naïve individuals can be victims of reckless postings made in social media.
Under Armour: I Will What I Want
The Under Armour advert, I Will What I Want, illustrates the human ability to overcome all difficult circumstances in their environment if they focus. In this advert, Under Armour uses Misty Copeland, to showcase her dancing skills while an audio recording of her life as a ballet dancer is being narrated. The audio recording tells of the many reasons why she had been told she would not succeed in ballet dancing. In particular, she had joined the sport at an advanced age of 13 and her body shape was not of the recommended type for a ballet dancer (Under Armour). Moreover, a significant number of those who had the desired body type for ballet dancing still became disqualified in later stages. Nonetheless, Copeland joined the sport and became a leading global ballet dancer. This advert is used by Under Armour to illustrate that the company is associated with strong, positive, and resilient women. Noteworthy, Under Armour has been using this advert for it women brand. The positivity and endurance shown by Copeland enables Under Armour to pass its message to its target market.
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