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Strategic Plan: Donald Trump
The success of business persons, politicians, or armies depends on the strategic plans that they implement. In brief, a strategic plan is a management method that ensures that all the stakeholders in an organization focus all their energies in a coordinated fashion to achieve specific desired objectives. Accordingly, it is important for the campaign team to set realistic on how to win elections. In this case, Donald Trump is charged with the duty of selling himself to the public on why he is the best candidate for the presidential post. Ostensibly, this presents two important scenarios that he might use in the presidential campaigns. Firstly, Trump may argue why the public should vote for him. Alternatively, he may argue why the public should not vote for the Hilary Clinton. With this in mind, the Trump can fuse the two perspectives and present a case on why the voter should vote for him and not consider the opposition candidate.
Our vision is to win the elections by gathering seventy percent of the total cast votes.
To improve the living standards of Americans and reduce unemployment to 0.5% by providing a professional presidential leadership that encourages the development of industries and trade.
Strategic and Financial Objectives
Notably, the campaign process will be properly coordinated to ensure that Donald Trump wins the heart and mind of the voters. In order to achieve this ambitious goal, the campaign team will develop strategic and financial objectives that will be used by all the campaign officers. Importantly, all members will be trained on how to implement these objectives. Basically, the objectives will be as follows:
Strategic Objectives

  1. To establish a public presence in all states. In general, this will be done by displaying huge posters and conducting radio and television advertisements.
  2. To use innovative and unique campaign methods. Ideally, this will involve using modern campaign methods such as the internet.
  3. To use the most competent and motivated campaigners.
  4. To strategically allocate resources for the campaign.
  5. To have adequate finance resources for use during the campaign process.
  6. To ensure proper allocation and use of available financial and physical resources by the campaign team.
  7. To conduct the campaign in an orderly manner in order to attract voters.
  8. To win the elections by mobilizing maximum support from the public.

Financial Objectives

  1. To conduct the elections using the least cost possible.
  2. To ensure maximum returns on the finance spent in the campaign by winning the elections.

Driving Forces
In essence, the Donald Trump presidential candidacy will seek to address some pertinent problems in the country. Firstly, the Trump presidency will aim at reducing the country’s current unemployment levels to 0.5%. In addition, it will also aim at accelerating the country’s economic growth rate to 5% per annum. In general, since the 2007-2008 economic depression the US economy has never fully achieved its pre-depression performance. Finally, as the president, Trump will ensure that US soldiers serving in foreign country’s return back to the country. In effect, this will reduce the number of US soldiers who die in peacekeeping missions.
Evidently, the strategic plan for this election campaigns is formulated on the assumptions that the unemployment levels, the slow economic performance, and the loss of loved ones working in the US army have frustrated many individuals. In effect, most voters will like for a tough and proven industrialists like Donald Trump to stop this problem. In addition, the current ruling party, the Democrats Party, does not take these matters seriously and most people want the Republican Party to replace it.
SWOT Analysis
Markedly, the strength, weakness, opportunity, and threats analysis is an important tool in showing individuals the strategic maneuvers they should undertake. Importantly, the strength and opportunity elements show individuals areas where they stand to benefit. On the contrary, the weakness and threats show individuals areas they may make losses. Importantly, these disclosures give individuals information on the type of strategy they should undertake.

  1. Trump is an accomplished industrialist. As a result, he will be able to convince the voters of his ability to formulate strategies that will lead to the growth of businesses.
  2. Trump is charismatic and energetic. As a consequence, he will be able to actively campaign for his presidency.


  1. Trump will rally on the votes of the many frustrated unemployed individuals in the US.
  2. The votes from the unhappy families who have lost loved their ones in the US army will boost his chances of winning the elections.


  1. The lack of political and active experience as a senior government officer leads to questions about Trump’s competence to lead the country.
  2. Lack of knowledge of international policies is also a major undoing.


  1. Clinton has demonstrated credible expertise and knowledge of international policies.
  2. The presence of strong opposition within the Republican Party that question his ability as a presidential candidate.
  3. Association with some failed businesses such as Trump Airlines, Trump Vodka, and Trump Casinos leads to questions on his ability to manage large organizations.

Analysis of Strategic Issues
            In essence, the strategic issues are how to convince the undecided voters to vote for Trump. Notably, the main strategic issues are the unemployment rates, the slow economy, and the US army serving in foreign countries. In brief, the current unemployment rate in the US is 4.6%. In addition, most people are now working in wage jobs (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016). On the same note, the US economy has had slowed economic growth. Markedly, the current economic growth rate is 0.5% (Financial Times, 2016). Notably, the US peacekeeping missions have lead to a lot of deaths of its soldiers. Specifically, the Afghanistan war has had 2381 casualties to this day. Evidently, this has led to a lot of frustrations in the victims families (, 2009).
Strategies provide an organized manner through which a team is able to achieve its desired objectives. In addition, strategies outline a team’s main goals and thus enable it to remain focused. In light of this, the Donald Trump will formulate three strategies which he will use in the election campaign. Basically, the method as follows:

  1. Attack Clinton Weaknesses
  2. Use of Character Based Leadership
  3. Use of Spies

Attack Clinton Weaknesses
Notably, this strategy will aim at displaying why Clinton is not a favorable candidate for the presidential post. Ideally, this strategy will show the areas that she has underperformed. Noteworthy, her underperformance will also include her family’s political and social performance, as well as the Democrats Party reign in government. From a political perspective, the Trump’s team will point out the Democrat’s Party inability to curb the high unemployment rates in the US. Further, the team will also point out the slow economic growth rate. In particular, this has increased the gap between the rich and the poor. Worse still, the poor are the ones who have felt the highest impact of this strategy.
Accordingly, from a family perspective, the campaign team will rekindle old memories of her husband former president Bill Clinton sex scandal. In effect, this will portray her family as one that is associated with scandals and unprofessional behaviors. Interestingly, it will also serve as an important distractor to the main campaign agenda.
Finally, the Trump campaign team will portray her as a lady who is devoid of enough capability and character to serve as a state’s person. Remarkably, this method will aim at showing areas that Clinton has failed when working as a state’s person, and why it would be wrong to elect her. Importantly, the team will mention popular Clinton scandals such as the Private e-mail scandal of 2015. Notably, this scandal alleges that Clinton used private servers during her tenure as president. In effect, this exposed government records to the risk of hacking. In regard of this, this compromised the county’s internal security and demonstrates her ineffectiveness to act as the president.

  1. Most people remember negative events. As a result, most people will recall areas that Clinton has underperformed and switch to Trump’s side.
  2. It is easy to execute. In essence, this method entails simply stating where the Hillary has been unable to meet public expectations.
  3. This method will play with people’s emotions. As a result, it will be effective in winning voters. In specific, scandals such as the Benghazi case alleges elements of negligence among the Clintons’ that led to terrorism on American citizens (The Telegraph, 2016).


  1. Clinton team could copy this tactic and point out some of Trumps failures. In turn, this would lead to questioning of Trumps ability to lead and manage the country in a professional manner.
  2. This strategy does not discuss important details on the factors on the economic and social development that Trump’s presidency will have on the country.
  3. Worse still, most of the issues that question Clinton’s character are allegations. In effect, they cannot be used effectively to prove her character.

Character-Based Leadership
Basically, this method will involve demonstrating Trump character. In essence, the campaign team will demonstrate Trump’s success in leading and managing businesses. Importantly, this method will give Trump the opportunity to explain his development goals. Similarly, he will be able to contrast his development agenda to Clinton’s and show why he presents a better future for Americans

  1. It will enable Trump to sell his political agenda.
  2. It will enable Trump to compare his presidential agenda while clearly pointing out why his agenda is superior to that of Clinton.
  3. It will enable Trump to criticize Clinton’s character in a professional manner.


  1. This method can be duplicated by Clinton. In addition, Clinton can improve on some of her criticized agendas making her policies superior to those of Trump.
  2. The lack of a political background or working on a senior political post may expose some of Trump’s weaknesses such as foreign policy.
  3. Some of Trump’s business failures such as the Trump Airlines may be exposed. In general, this will lead to questions about his ability to manage large corporations. In effect, this will cast doubts on his ability to manage and rule a country.

Use of Spies
In brief, the campaign team will hire some people in Clinton’s campaign team who will inform us about her campaign program. Importantly, these individuals will tell us the matters she intends to discuss in her campaign. In addition, they will also disclose to the important arrangement on the areas and times she intends to campaign in specific states in the country. Accordingly, this method will enable us to plan our campaign program in a manner that will ensure we get maximum votes. Noteworthy, we will identify states where we have weak supports, the swing vote states, and states where we have maximum support.

  1. This method is efficient and fast.
  2. The information from spies is accurate and can be used to predict future outcomes (Tzu, 2015)
  3. The plans of the campaign team will remain hidden and mysterious. In effect, this will enable the team to campaign in the most unpredictable manner.


  1. Once the spies are discovered, Clinton’s campaign team may change its plan.
  2. Clinton’s team may buy off some of our teams to supply us with wrong information. Evidently, this will lead to the implementation of wrong strategies.
  3. Spies may be unable to access specific information within the required. In effect, this inefficient may lead to us been unable to formulate appropriate strategies for the elections.

In brief, the best campaign method is character-based leadership. Basically, this method will give Trump an opportunity to criticize Clinton’s political agenda, as well as enable him to sell some of the agendas he intends to implement once he becomes the president. In light of this, Trump will use this method for his campaign.
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