We have six styles, each originating from different components of emotional intelligence. Nevertheless, this styles have different impact to where the style is been applied, whether in a company, group of people, team, or an organization. These styles make whoever reads them to get prosperity and self- esteem guided by their own principles. It is believed that, the researchers who get best results, they don’t only have to rely on one style but have to use more than one.
I myself I own several this styles of leadership. Is more so overwhelmed by the democratic style? This style in now coming to dominance after the people realized that there is great need for empowered teamwork, for the people to work together thus having the same goal or destination from which every one aims to achieve. However this style is difficult to articulate in our business because it’s much demanding of different concepts to utilize in order to achieve fully democratic leadership.
I have decided to articulate democratic style of leadership because it involves combined views and team work in making the decisions. The decisions obtained from such a style is the most appropriate because it satisfies everyone who is involved in coming up with the same decisions. In other words this style involves combined participation both in power and in control of the institutions thus also called participative leadership.
By using this style of whole engagement and involvement I have found a number of benefits. These benefits include the following. Firstly, it invites the participants to discuss and give out their opinion and view to be included in decision intended to be made. Secondly, it invites consensus by seeking a widespread agreement among the group members involved. Thirdly, it fosters the ideas, creativity and innovation of others to utilize their optimal potential in coming up with the excellence performance in institution involved.
The other benefits that can be I opt to be obtained by use of democratic style are that, they create a shared common vision for the company, institution or even an individual group, and common goal. Nevertheless, it also it creates commitment among the members led because it each individual participant is discusses together on what is need to be done.
Despite the benefits, the style is also faced with some challenges to use this style of leadership. One of these challenges is that one can’t make agent decisions when they are needed in crisis. Secondly, people views differ thus we can’t fully come up with conclusion on whose view should be used in the decision that we are intending to come up with. Thirdly it wastes a lot of time in coming up with such a decision and even some people may ignore such discussion planned in program of the institution to come up with decision.
In my own experience once worked with Bata industry which based on producing among best shoes in entire world. I was the production manager and I wanted to make decision using my other employees on some effective ways of production to use in our business. I called up the meeting that actually all invited come for the meeting. I gave out the agenda of the meeting and just acted as the coordinator of the same. Everybody liked the discussion and enjoyed coming up with decision. Later on, we come up with very effective methods to articulate in making the industry gain the sky fame. However, some participants didn’t like the discussion, saying that they are not played for such discussions.
Because of this failures in democratic style of leadership, I learned that I have to find an alternative style so that can succeed in coming up with the best results. The other style that gained courage that it can affect my leadership is authoritative. This is because leadership is the same as club coach who needs to select some members to come up with a complete team. Some members may like to get lazy thus affecting the performance of the whole club. This time one needs to take full power and control the play club (Institution).
Authoritative style of leadership is only articulated by a leader who is able to think outside the box and come up with effective decisions. Nevertheless, it needs one to be trained or have some specific experience and skills to achieve some goals. This kind of style needs a lot of involvement of the leader to emerge and inspire the workmate. This style is best applicable when the team needs a new vision because of the changes observed in some circumstances.
In my own experience. Just in the same Bata company, a challenge came up involving disputes in the members. I as the production manager I was forced to come up with stern rule to govern the institution relationship. I decided to put a notice indicating that the company management didn’t expect more disputes and whoever goes against this will be directly dismissed from the company. This created a high degree of impact to the management performance.
To sum up, articulating the two types of the leadership styles has made me to hit the best mark. These styles of leadership are the effective in that the company can come up to goals. For the efficiency to be achieved the company management must utilize more than two styles of leadership.