Task 1: Online discussion forum activity posts (15%)

From the forum titled: Forum – linked to Assessment 1 and 2 (seeded online forum Activities)’.
Take a screen shot of each of the following posts to your group forum and copy them onto your assignment document.

Weeks 9: Reply post to a peer and a self-post: due Monday 16th September by 12midnight = 4 posts
Week 10: Reply post to a peer and a self-post: due Monday 23rd September by 12 midnight

Be sure to include in your capture your name and the date of posting.
Instructions: how to take a screen shot:
Using snipping tool: Go to your search icon located bottom left-hand side of your computer screen. Type in the search bar ‘Snipping tool’.
Click the desktop app – snipping tool. Find the word New click the down arrow, click Rectangular snip.
Drag the cursor around the area you want to snip. Click file, save as pictures. Create a folder NUR1201 Forum Posts. Save your capture in this folder.
Using control/alt/print screen (PrtScn)
Place the curser on the screen you want to copy.
Hold down the control and Alt tabs and click on print screen (PrtScn)
Place curser on the assignment doc and click on control V

Task 2: Case Scenario Reflection task using Gibbs 6 Stage Reflection Cycle (adapted version by Burns and Bulman, 2000) in an essay style (35%)

Case Scenario Recording: ‘The Age 75 Recording’
Two Topics of Focus for this case scenario:
1. ‘Preventing falls and harm from falls’
2. ‘My health record’ (e-health record)
Background Information
Reflection is a way of thinking and working for Registered Nurses and is useful in raising our conscious awareness of aspects of care that may be hidden from our view. This raised awareness about these aspects of care improves our understanding as nurses and assist us in directing action strategies that can improve both the patient and their family’s experience and the ‘partnering in care’ strategies that we utilise. Improving the ‘patient care experience and partnering in care’ and using Gibbs 6 Stage Reflection Cycle (adapted version by Burns and Bulman 2000) as a framework in combination with drawing upon relevant theory provides a foundation for nurses to operate from and as such is required for Task 2.

  • View the Case Scenario – Recording ‘The Age 75 Recording’

This Recording is located at the top of this study desk page within the white ribbon, under useful links: course recordings

  • After viewing the ‘patient experience and partnering in care’ case scenario recording – ‘The Age 75 Patient Experience and Partnering in Care’, write a 1500-word reflection using Gibbs 6 Stage Reflection Cycle (adapted version by Burns and Bulman, 2000) as the framework, in an essay style.
  • Within your reflection aim to draw upon relevant literature/theory to help you analyse this patient experience with the goal to improve the care experience of patients and their families.

Drawing upon relevant literature (theory) will support and strengthen your reflection.