Task 2 Information
Watch the video on how to address task 2. This information may provide further assistance in your application to this task.
Assessment 2 is an audio presentation and 3-page summary sheet. There is one case study for nurses and one case studies for midwives.
The audio presentation will be presented as an audio report (like the Health Report example provided above).
New smart phones have recording capability, and this is the way previous students have recorded their audio presentation. It would be helpful to run through a practice recording to ensure that you are keeping to the required time and play this back to ensure the discussion is clear for the marker.
Remember to introduce yourselves at the start of the audio and the hypothetical position you are holding for the audio e.g. Clinical nurse consultant.
The three-page summary is not a transcript of your audio presentation. It is a summary of the presented case and all the research used to support your audio presentation. All references must be cited correctly in text according to Harvard conventions. The reference list will be on the fourth page.
This is a summary, however, use of dot points is likely to limit your ability to demonstrate your research and knowledge therefore, it is advisable that paragraphs are used, laid out in the same order as your audio presentation. You do not have to provide a full introduction or conclusion but just a brief summary of each in the written component.
Within this assessment decide which legislation and case law is relevant to the case, some may pertain to the patient/woman some to the relative(s) and some to the health professional. Review the law highlighted within the course to assist you and think about other law that may be pertinent to your discussion (that may not be health related).
Ensure you include ethical debate regarding the case and include relevant ethical principles and why they should be considered. It will be important for you to source textbooks and journal articles that you can use to provide rigour to your discussion areas within each case study. Current peer reviewed journal articles provide a higher level of evidence-based support for your discussion points. This you can do, through searching for journal articles in the health databases within the USC library link. Search relevant articles using relevant search terms, for example, student nurses and law etc. You can then limit your search to the last 5 years by selecting this on the left-hand menu. There is a library guides to assist students in searching the databases and the librarians are happy to assist students but will not do the searches for you. Correct use of Harvard referencing is required for this assessment. You will see from the marking rubric that a minimum number of journal articles and textbooks are required. In addition to these references you should also be citing applicable law (both case law and legislation). Reputable government and industry websites may also be included but note that the law cited, and other references used outside academic journals and textbooks are not counted as part of the required references for this assessment but are supplementary references.
Please note that these are the formatting requirements for assessment tasks:
• You do not need a cover sheet, but you do need to have your name on your work as detailed below.
• Use the Calibri or Times New Roman font size 12.
• Line spacing: 1.5 spaces between lines. This makes your work easier for your tutor to mark and grade.
• Written in paragraphs.
• Always have a line space between paragraphs.
• Always number your pages as a footer (i.e. at the bottom of the page on the right-hand side).
• Put your names and student numbers as a header on the left-hand side of your paper and a word count, excluding your reference list, after your conclusion.
• The word count includes in text referencing but not the reference list.
• Reference in the Harvard Style.