Summarize the key points of Heagney, Chapter 3
Task Two (“Key Points to Remember”)
Substantially discuss ONE of the “Key Points to Remember” (Heagney, Page 44.). Your discussion must be original and articulate your understanding of your selected “Key Point to Remember”. Using external sources/research beyond the chapter to bolster your understanding is highly encouraged.
Task Three (Cross Referencing)
Cross-reference any ONE “Key Points to Remember” to the corresponding additional assigned module material including videos, case studies, and PMBOK. For instance, in Module One (this discussion), the corresponding PMBOK chapter is Chapter One, and the videos are: Introduction to Project Management” and “Top Ten Terms Project Manager Use”.
Avoid plagiarism! If you quote, copy-and-paste, or reference class or outside materials be sure to use quotes as appropriate, include the author’s name by the quote, and include a reference section at the bottom of the page.
Your initial discussion post must be in three paragraphs (refer format above), with a word count between 400-500 words.