Teachers can have different expectations from their students. Some teachers are strict and others are flexible and accommodating. Still, some tutors might assume a friendly and empathetic approach while others are rigidly professional and non-benevolent. As a result, two teachers can deal differently with the same situation and obtain different results. Nevertheless, the expectations of tutors from students are almost the same despite the different teaching methods and the varying nature of student-teacher relationships. In fact, there are many expectations tutors have of their students, but there are few basic things that every teacher requires from his or her students. Failure to satisfy these basic requirements can derail the learning process or demotivate the teacher. Teachers expect students to exhibit respect, attentiveness, obedience, and honesty.
Respect is one of the major expectation a teacher desires to receive from his/ her students. Most tutors expect respect from their learners, not just because they are older, but due to the dignity and human decency that such actions exhibit. Respect manifests itself in several ways, such as the manner in which a student talks to teachers, and how she or he behaves in the presence of a tutor. Besides, some of the tutors are not only concerned with their student’s academics, instead, they prepare them to be all-round responsible adults. Therefore, they treat students with respect hoping that the learners will emulate their behavior.
Also importantly, teachers seek attention from their students. Learners should pay attention to their tutors to enable them to understand the concepts taught in class. Learners depict attentiveness when they are quiet, focused, and follow the class proceedings. Attention among students is desirable because it eases teachers’ workload since they do not have to repeat a point several times.
Tutors also yearn for obedience from students. Learners should obey their teachers irrespective of their age, body size, or gender. Some wayward students look down on their teachers and tend to defy their orders. Such defiance often culminates in failure to complete assignments and other tasks assigned by the tutors in question. As a result, the affected students starts lagging behind in class. Also, teachers can lose their patience with uncooperative students, and end up becoming indifferent, or worse, ignore them altogether. Therefore, obedience is a critical aspect of teacher-student relationships.
Honesty is yet another trait tutors hope to observe among students. Most learners tend to lie in order stave off the repercussions of their actions, such as suspensions or low grades. On the other hand, tutors would rather deal with honest learners, especially during exams, because it is difficult to gauge the performance and progress of a cheating student. Learners who are dishonest in exams and classroom assignments cheat themselves out of real progress since teachers cannot identify their weak points where they need help the most.
Finally, students who are hardworking and cooperative make it easy for teachers to cover more material within a short time. Hard working learners usually complete their assignments before deadlines and conduct their studies without supervision. Also, they utilize their limited time appropriately by engaging in constructive activities that enhance their progress in class.  As a result, their performance in exams is usually good, which pleases the teachers since they can see that their labor in classrooms is bearing fruits.
Teachers are pleased and motivated when their students are obedient, honest, respectful, hardworking, and attentive. Learners who are destitute in any of these aspects derail the teaching and learning process because they demotivate the tutors. Also, such students harm their chances of understanding the content taught in class, which may make them end up performing poorly. Simply, learners must be respectful, be attentive, obedient, and honest, to enable the teacher to create a conducive learning environment. Students who work hand-in-hand with teachers accelerate the learning progress.