Question 10
Technology is shaping up the political arena in such a way that is unprecedented. In a recent scenario, technology giants such as Facebook and google removed white supremacist blogs from their services while payment leading giants such as PayPal followed suit (Satell, 2014). Therefore, it is easy to observe the impact of technological developments in the world of politics. The political arena is founded on freedom and open dialogue and some extremists might use this platform to promote hatred, violence, and intolerance.
In the context of politics and technology, the developments of international politics and technology can be regarded as intertwined. The complexity of international politics has been simplified by technology and as stated, the technology of the future is politics and politics of the future is technology (Socrates, 2017).Therefore, the saying goes on to state that science, technology, and international affairs affect and complement one another. One major branch of technology that cannot be disregarded is communication technology and plays a big role in international politics. One major example is the perseverance speech issued by Winston Churchill countrywide during the attempted invasion by the Nazis into the United Kingdom. The radio played a big role in the resilience of the British during this war.
The impacts of technology on the international front may be categorized as to operate on four mechanisms: Changing the framework and architecture on aspects such as structure, organizing concepts and the relationship between various countries; altering the methodology of operation on aspects such as diplomacy, war, administration, commerce, trade, finance, policy formation, gathering of intelligence among others; creating new issue areas, new constraints and tradeoffs particularly  on the operations of foreign policies; creation of new patterns and ways for transparency, changed perceptions and the operation of international politics.
Some of the major advantages associated with technology and international politics include: reduction in barriers to free trade between countries increasing the availability of jobs and development of poor countries because of continuous engagements with the rich countries. One of the major disadvantage of politics and technology is the likely increase in terrorism particularly on the superior countries.
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