The first thing I would say to her is that Rock Solid Industrial Parts Inc. plans of informating will enable it to increase its sales efforts. Recently, there has been an increase in e-commerce; therefore, any organization that wants to expand its sales must start to digitalize all its sales processes. Thus, the company’s decision to digitalize its sales process will enable its sales personnel to identify the items that are in stock, which will, in turn, make them more effective in their marketing work. Additionally, the ease of access to information among all employees will create teamwork, aid the management in establishing appropriate strategies, and increase accountability.
The company should buy a Galaxy Tab 4 and Samsung S8 smartphone. These gadgets are cheaper when compared to Apple and Windows tablets and smartphones with the same specifications. Additionally, the Android platform that powers Galaxy Tab 4 and Samsung S8 smartphone support a lot of applications that Rock Solid Industrial Parts Inc. uses. Therefore, the company will not have any compatibility problems when it uses these gadgets.
For Rock Solid Industrial Parts Inc. to gain full benefits of the automation process, it must train its employees and install appropriate support infrastructure for information. Firstly, the company must train all its non-tech savvy employees on how to operate smartphones and tablets. More emphasis should be put on how these individuals can use the application that will be used by the company’s sales, stores, accounting, and managerial teams. Finally, Rock Solid Industrial Parts Inc. should install appropriate infrastructure that will support the use of the Galaxy Tab 4 and Samsung S8 smartphones in its premises. This infrastructure will enable the company to create a local wireless internet connection in all its premises.