The Amazing Eid al-Fitr Festival
In 2015, I had my most memorable Eid al-Fitr festival. During this occasion, my friends and I were able to express Muslims characters of love, hospitality, and friendship by sharing our meals with the less privileged in the society. I successfully mobilized my colleagues in the Saudi Club to contribute money so that we could donate snacks, beverages, clothes, and toys to an orphanage in my city. These gifts enabled the orphaned children to enjoy the end of the Ramadan period with all Muslims in the world. Accordingly, we were able to express our love for these children.
This action was memorable to my team and I since we were able to improve the lives of the needs and to reflect on our faith as Muslims. The contributions by the Saudi Club enabled us to participate in the improvement of the lives of poor people. For example, one of the orphans who benefited from our contributions was a young disabled girl who was also an immigrant from a war-torn country in Africa. The feeling of participation in the improvement of the lives of ordinary people made this festival memorable to me.
Besides assisting the needy, the 2015 Eid al-Fitr ceremony enabled me to learn a lot about leadership. In particular, I was able to know that I could influence people by communicating with them. I also became aware that a leader must mobilize his/her followers into performing various group activities. For example, to make this visit successful, I had informed my team members about the occasion two months before the event, which enabled them to plan. Finally, I learned that leadership is more about the service a person gives to others than the benefits that he/she enjoys from holding this position. In the future, I will aim at improving my communication skills so that I can be able to influence my teams easily and become a more supportive leader.