The site activities are according to the safety guidelines outlined in WHS procedures and must be observed at all times. The company emphasizes the need to be observant but it is the responsibility of each individual to be vigilant
According to the health and safety policies, the company is committed to:

  • The protection of the health and safety of each individual within the site, whether a worker or visitor.
  • The works conducted at the site are managed and supervised according to legislation and the set-out guidelines.

The site has numerous personnel available at any given time and it is therefore important for any individual to sign in when visiting the site. The company has a number of employees which include the site manager, engineers, first aid workers, safety officers and the supervisors. The purpose of signing in mainly regards the safety of the personnel and in case of an emergency, all the people may be accounted for.
Movement within the site is restricted to the pavements because of the numerous machinery around. Furthermore, the signs clearly give an indication of the different services available such as canteen and the washrooms. However, rubbish is to be disposed of in an orderly manner and in the right places.
Some areas of the site are only limited to competent personnel and restricted to the rest. Places like the excavation pits are only accessible to allowed personnel and therefore a restriction to the others. Visitors are required to wear protective equipment when told to do so.