The “French Human Rights League” is an organization that fights and insist on the primary principles that are addressed in the “Declaration of Human Right,” “European Convection on Human Rights,” and the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights.” The French Human Rights is tangled in different primary fields. These main areas include democracy, human rights, justice, racism, freedoms, discrimination, and citizenship. The organization operates nationally with the assist of overseas departments, the primary objectives of the firm are to train, inform, raise awareness, and educate the citizens on all the issue related to their human rights. Such measures are crucial since the citizens are in a position to exert all their responsibilities as well as their rights. More so, with the awareness, citizens of a nation are in place to fully participate in any multicultural society. The management concentrates on promoting social justice among the community through educating them on what the human rights entail.
The French Human Rights League have adapted various features to promote and endorse social justice towards their target audience. For instance, the project has continued to enhance legal knowledge through informing as well as training every member of the society on issues concerning the freedoms and rights of a legal citizen. With such measures, the nation fights against any defects that tend to occur in this sector, some of them include the struggle towards a discrimination-free community. The organization also participate fully in seminars and other projects ensuring a productive contribution to realize an empowered society which is fully equipped with the adequate information when it comes to human rights. For the organization to achieve a sufficiently equipped community, seminars have been launched and funded by the French Human Rights League where a large number of members of the society have participated.