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The Impact of Flight Delays on Airlines in the United Arab Emirates
Questions to an Air Transport Manager

  1. According to Ball et (2010, p.12), flight delays in the year 2007 cost an enormous $32.9 billion to the US economy alone, what are its current impacts in the UAE’s economy?
  2. What measures has the UAE’s aviation industry undertaken to minimize the occurrences of flight delays?
  3. Does your company have a messaging system that you use to communicate with your customers in case of a possible flight delay?
  4. What are the main causes of flight delays in UAE?
  5. What is the financial impact of flight delays to your company?

Reference List
Ball, M, Barnhart, C, Dresner, M, Hansen, M, Neels, K, Odoni, A, Peterson, E, Sherry, L, Trani, A & Zou, B 2010, ‘Total delay impact study: A comprehensive assessment of the costs and impacts of flight Delay in the United States’, National Center of Excellence for Aviation Operations Research (NEXTOR). Available from:                                                         <> [22 August 2017].