Being a student in business management, it has always been something of concern about the management of the human resource team. However, with the advancement of technology, this has been simplified. In this, my research topic is how technology, by all means, has altered the management of the human resource team.
The management of human resource takes various forms, from application to selection, to recruiting, to determining the productivity etc. Therefore, the utilization of technology on different fronts of human resource management by different companies is something that has been of concern to researchers and surveyors. Some of the statistics and data on this topic are readily available at However, this data is for only one year, 2016.
This project basically focuses on the improvement in technology and the management of human resource teams. The topic is broad with various questions but I will focus on the three most vital when it comes to the human resource team. The three questions are: what gives companies an edge when it comes to the class of a human resource team, does technology improve the costs of managing a human resource team and how does technology simplify the application process.
In my research, I will use the phrases ‘human resource and technology’ and ‘human resource management’. The data obtained will not be limited by the year of the journal or article with the main purpose to obtain a common ground for my topic.
Basically. The three journals relate the development in technology and the increase in ease of managing a human resource team. Furthermore, the technology used determines the level or class of the team.
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