Every day we are faced with the opportunity to make a choice or a decision. Such chances are more often than not a dilemma. Just like in our daily life, the princess in the short story was confronted with a similar situation. This paper will give a probable ending to the short story in light of the princes’ dilemma.
On opening the door on the right and without hesitation, the man wore on his face a wide grin. The crowd was pregnant with expectation of what would come from the door. Silence engulfed the air; the King believed that this was the moment when true justice would be dispensed. Either way, to him it was fair; for he would be rid of this common man who dared love a princess. The King would win.
The princess was in a pensive mood. Debating with self on why she took that decision, but it was too late to change it now. Did she have a choice or was the decision made for her by being her father’s daughter? All that happened within seconds, to her mind this was the longest period ever. She would prefer the bearable loss. Either way, she lost.
Back at the arena, the man stood still as his grin turned to indifference. Was this out of relief? Was this out of betrayal? The princess’ lover turned to glance at her as if to send a telepathic message. The tall, beautiful, fair man’s body could not hold him up any longer. He fell to the ground with his eyes looking to the skies – perhaps ready to join the blessed region of semi-barbaric futurity – as a growl broke the silence in the arena.