After a broad review of the last unicorn, I managed to derive a lot of information from the book and the movie as well. A few similarities and differences were put on the note as far as the film, and the book is concerned. Published in the year 1968 while the movie premiered in   1984. A number of differences make the movie more attractive to the viewer (Cammack and Manna). The background music in the movies makes it more catchy and engaging as per compared to the book which involves the art of literature and reading skills. However, I felt that a few themes that were present in the book were less done away in the movie. A number of topics left out in the film included the good vs. the evil as well as the whole nature of evil.
The unicorn begins a journey in search of other unicorns.  Her efforts bear fruits as she first comes across Schmendrick who was then a Magician and Molly Grue. They both come to a common quest by heading towards King Haggard’s palace in a bid to find out the mystery surrounding the absent and missing unicorns. Schmendrick almost appears as a comic in the film. As a result, his tricks fail to work. In comparison to his character traits in the book, he appears as a person who is not worth laughing at but one that deserves pity. The presence of a dark theme one that portrays evil deeds in the entire book does not show up in the movie.  The presence of a cursed town in the book rarely reflects in the film
In the novel, the description bestowed on Schmendrick makes him appear older than he looks.  He is described as enchanted never to age which implies that he had a bright face one that resembled that of a baby. A number of the characters such as Molly Grue were compared to Schmendrick when he was described to be around the age of 38 years where the novels explain that he might not be older than Schmendrick. Nonetheless, such matters pertaining the age are not brought out in the movie.
The unicorn is described as immortal, which illustrates that it rarely resembles the human nature. However, Ellie a character in the book which mostly resembles the permanent form of the book is left out in the film. In the book, Ellie stands and represents old age and death which brings an end to various aspects of the movie.In my opinion, the movies are appropriate for kids in the sense that a lot of dark themes and elements that would instill fear have been left out. However, if the ideas that represented darkness and evil would have been incorporated in the movie, the production process would be hectic hence the option to filter them. Originally, the novel was adapted and shot into an animation hence described as best for the children.
A number of little and tiny highlights that comprise the book give it more zeal and taste to read. In the book, a number of animals such as the spider feed from the midnight carnival. In the book, the spider’s webs are said to be similar to the mythical work of Arachne. However, the spider does not appear in the movies. Following the series of proceedings from the movies, the spider brings out the theme of Mommy Fortuna’s illusion. She is known for her expertise in spinning tapestries that are more often compared to the web of the spider hence displays the art of perfection.
The fate of Mommy’s Fortuna also misses out in the movie. In the event where Rukh reveals unicorn to the people living in the town, he as well introduces them to Eli who in the novel is described as an old creature.  Afterward, Elli, the old monster goes ahead to entertain them by way of singing but ends up putting fear in all of them inclusive of the unicorn. Due to Elli’s old age. Rukh goes ahead to explain that no one is safe in the hands of Elli. Out of the fear the unicorn displays towards Elli due to her transfiguration into a mortal being, it goes on to illustrate a common trait among human beings claiming that they all have their mortality.
In comparison the story in the movie and the book are similar hence explains the fact as to why the work is from the same author. Despite the similarities and differences in the book and the movies, both remain to be a classic piece of fairytales. Even though some excerpts from the book are left out in the film, the parts included in the movie were in one way or another catchy to the viewer’s eyes. By taking a closer look at the movie, the bright visuals characterized by soft background music create a serene environment for concentration. The books also observe the various aspects involved in telling fairy tales by describing different characters according to their behaviors such as magicians.
Cammack, Jane Elizabeth, and Giovanni Manna. The Last Unicorn. Black Cat Publ., 2011.