The creation of movies is a work of genius. In the design of movies, many aspects have to be considered: the human aspect and the environment but most importantly the characters that portray our realistic behavior. The maze runner is a movie that has captured the attention behavior due to the thrill and fantasy associated with the drama, action, and adventure that come with is thus imperative that we discuss the movie and more to that the characters that have come to be the core of the movie. In this essay, we are going to discuss the star of the movie and the essence of his presence.
The movie maze runner: Scotch trials is a 2015 science fiction American movie based on James Dashner’s book the scorch trials. This is the second book in the maze runner series of novels. The second installment of the maze runner saga features Thomas and his fellow Gladers facing their greatest challenge. They look and search for clues about an organization called WCKD. The organization is powerful and mysterious formed by the government to originally find the cure for the Flare virus (Agnes, 2015). WCKD selected teenagers that were immune and those that were not immune to the Flare virus. The teenagers were subjected trials both in the maze and in the scotch so as to be able to stimulate their brains. The teenagers’ journeys take them to the scotch which is a landscape with a lot of obstacles. The teenagers led by Thomas who is an athletic person join forces with the resistance fighters. Together they uncover WCKD Plans for them all. Thomas main goal is to get himself and everyone else out of the maze. He manages to convince everyone that things that they viewed impossible and hopeless were actually possible and could be done.For Thomas solving the maze was supposed to be the end. WCKD had only begun, the scorch trials were just the second phase of it all.
In the scotch, the Gladers had only two weeks to cross it or die. WCKD had made it hard for them to get through, their friendships and loyalty were tested too.The scotch was a very dangerous and inhabitable place infested by cranks. After the sun flares ranged the planet it destroyed the landscape leaving building and structures that once thrived deserted and isolated (Dashner, 2010).Scotch is comprised of red and rocky terrain that are sometimes fertile. There is also the existence of stomps and lightning that are most devastating in the scotch.
The scotch is the main setting of the movie. In this movie, Thomas and his fellow Gladers have to traverse crank infested lands. Furthermore, some of the Gladers die in the lightning storms. Thomas meets Brenda and Jorge in this lands while other Gladers die fighting the bulb monster.
Thomas is the main antagonist protagonist in the movie and hence plays a crucial role in its making. His main concern is his redemption which is to be achieved by the salvation of everyone around him. The name Thomas is as a result of Thomas Edison’s’ influence throughout the whole civilization process, with his name originally Stephen. The name is arrived at when, during the screenplay, an agent points out a light bulb in Stephen’s house rhetorically questioning Stephen who made it. His first arrival into the glade scene is of that of a boy with no knowledge of who or where he is but he possesses some Unique set of traits: brave, loyal, and clever and with telepathic capabilities. This is because of his past experience in the maze runner (Gradesaver, 2017).As a matter of fact, he is the organization that created the maze program but due to the lapse in his memory as a result of poisoning by some villain, he is sent to the maze later on.
To begin with, Stephen (later Thomas) is portrayed as a character who is simplistic in nature further encouraging the fact that he is pretty. He is a gladiator obsessed person who goes the full length to discover all which entails being a gladiator. Regardless of the fact, he is single minded willing to alleviate any personal feelings towards the gladiator problem and focus on the main goal which is to become a gladiator. This portrays his simplistic nature with the character of not accepting the status quo. The answers that he seek are in maze running are a stepping stone into his desire to be with the girl he loves. This plays an important role in the movie since it is meant to take the viewers through the various scenarios which drive out our ultimate goal of love. More than that, the circumstances takes the viewer through the various adventures and scenes that are a manifestation of the exemplary work done by the movie directors and writers.
A second trait that Thomas displays is his inability to cope with the hierarchical system that shows the lower end of the society being just that, the weak and meek. Thomas is unwilling to remain within this status quo.Throughout the scenes where Thomas becomes a gladiator, he is seen to have the drive that sets him aside from his peers. At first, when he becomes a gladiator, there is an established system that is meant to oppress the new-bys.The higher end has devised a system that maintains their safety and comfort while neglecting the meek and low.This, though contentious, is good enough for the rest. Thomas is willing and has the zeal to become a better person in the system and more to that, he is willing to try out things by himself. The result of this is that he is able to achieve some things that are viewed not possible such as surviving the first maze run. As a matter of fact, without a scratch. The result of this is that he acts as a catalyst throughout the movie by displaying characters not portrayed by his peers. Willingness to act against the system to achieve what he desires most (Dashner, 2017).
Thomas is portrayed as a person who does not follow the rules. Furthermore, he is hated by Gally from the word go. Being branded an outsider makes it even easier for him not to follow rules. His rebelliousness is also shown for his nosy questions to Newt and Alby. The only person who befriends him right away was Chuck mainly because he was an outcast and lived by himself. Thomas also doesn’t follow rules blindly like the others.
Thomas also comes up with an escape plan from the WCKD organization facilities. His plans trigger a room for more distrust. The other boys prefer to be in a pack as compared to him. They also had tried so hard to make an unfamiliar territory familiar thus the lack of trust towards Thomas. The distrust is portrayed when Ben tried to kill him in the Glade. Furthermore, Gally also threatened to kill him in the meeting after the sun had died. His curiosity also shows rebelliousness. Thomas gets frustrated when answers are kept from him. Furthermore, Thomas meets Brenda and Jorge who are infected with the virus. It is that when one is infected they are killed or thrown out as outcasts. Thomas gets them and promises to take them to the safe haven. This act shows that Thomas has great disregards to rules. In this, he also disregards simple rules and orders.
More to these two characters of simplicity and being rogue, Thomas displays the characteristic of the ability to grow when subjected to different circumstances and to adapt to the system. When he is introduced to the gladiator program and survives, the result is that he comes out confident and more driven than ever. This, in its context, is a crucial ability given to him because of the fact that he is the one supposed to be the hero. Though the continuation of the story behind Thomas is that of glamour and resilience, at first he was displayed as a very weak boy whose main concern was winning. On my part, this role of resilience and hard work plays a crucial role in the development of the movie since it attracts the curiosity of the viewer and the intrigue that comes with it.
The endless list of the character traits of Thomas includes his telepathic capabilities. Telepathy is simply described as the ability to receive information from one body. It is a communication means that does not need any form of communication mechanism or any physical contact. Though not within the realm of reality, telepathy simply indicates that Thomas is a unique human being. The essence of this telepathic capabilities is to enable him to understand his surroundings through his ability to read other people’s minds. To the viewers, this displays a unique character of every human being, not necessarily supernatural, that enables him to go into quests and overcome the challenges subjected to him/her.
The maze runner is a unique movie but with the central role played by Thomas, played by Dylan O’Brien. The characteristics that he displays are uniquely fashioned to his surrounding and his zeal to overcome the system with the main goal to be with his girl of choice. There are the adventure and suspense that come with the movie and hence a very good and exciting movie to watch.
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