The purpose of this assessment task is to explore and critically
examine a contemporary topic that impacts the practice of nurses and
other health care providers. The interactive group process encourages
the development of communication, leadership and team building
skills. This group presentation also provides a forum for discussion of
controversial nursing issues and improves student oral presentation
skills. Description Group work and public speaking are significant
components of many careers. Working as a valued member of a team,
with the ability to convey information to peers, patients and families
are skills paramount for registred nurses. Students are expected to
present their selected topic in an engaging 10 minute presentation, to
be delivered to their peers in their tutorial. Each member of the group
is required to participate and present.
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Course Description (Higher Education) NURBN1005
Group Presentation – Each group will consist of 4-5 students The
total time for each group presentation will be 10 minutes plus 5
minutes for Q&A1. The group will select a topic from the list
provided in the course descriptor 2. Presentations will consist of
(5) parts;3. Part 1(Introduction) – One member of the group will
be responsible for the introduction of the topic. You must give an
overview of the issue; discuss its signiﬕcance along with the
context that impacting on nursing practice Part 2 (Pros) – One
member of the group will lay out the arguments (pro or con) from
one point of view. You must defend arguments, and possible
arguments should be raised and defended. Part 3 (Cons) – One
member will mirror Part 2 but will take the opposite side and
provide arguments. Part 4 (Conclusion) – One group member will
attempt to address the nursing issue using literature to critically
analyse a topic that impacting on contemporary nursing practice,
and you must defend your conclusions. Part 5 (critique of the
database/sources) – One group member will discuss the merit and
quality of journal/research articles that are related to the issues.
(Minimum 10 references)