I need to submit the thesis plan to the committee for the acceptance. Once they accept then the same thesis plan needs to be continued and finished into a complete thesis. The no. of lines required is mentioned in the attached picture (36 lines across all 4 parts).
The topic I have chosen is “The relation between freedom of expression and copyright“.
There is the whole list (below)to choose from, may be writer wants to choose different one from the list in case he thinks can be more effective.
(Theses on Intellectual and Economic Property)
1- A comparative study in the fight against infringement, “forgery” or “counterfeiting” in the …
2. Regulation of the personal data market in the European Union (15)
3. Digital taxes.
4. The relationship between brand quality and consumer changes.
5. Freedom of expression, intellectual property and fair use.
6. The role of patents and international transfer of environmentally sound technology.
7. Intellectual Property and Distribution.
Arbitration and intellectual property.
9. Open innovation and standard techniques between patent and competition law.
10. Big data at the dawn of regulation (future legal framework).
11. Criminal law and intellectual property.
12. Disclosure of Intellectual Property.
13 – The right of bail on industrial property
14 – Copyright and social networks
15 – Create artificial intelligence and copyright and publishing rights
16. Authorization in copyright
17. The relationship between freedom of expression and copyright
18 – The role of the author of the film in copyright and division of work
19- The effect of the dichotomy between (phrase) or (idea) of printing and publishing and its application to the new traditional and digital media.
21. Adaptation to copyright exceptions in the digital environment
22 – Reproduction and tradition in architecture and civilization
23. The private copy between the right holder, the beneficiary and the subscriber
24. Legal protection of databases and intellectual property law
25. Moral rights and freedom of deposit
26. Protection of the right of the pillar and its effects
27. Consumer Electronic Commerce Law via the Internet
28. Legal aspects of cloud computing
29. Principle of proportionality in intellectual property law
30. Digital seal or tattoo of the files of the PDF
31. Pattern of work, translation authority and cost
32. The Consumer Electronic Commerce Act via the Internet
33. The problem of sustainable management of biological diversity
34. Reference to the will to protect major currencies
35. Creditors in groups of partners
36. International Patent Law Coordination
37- The company tax between improvement and circumvention
38- Distribution with application in economics and management sciences
39. Multiple systems and factors applicable to the natural resource environment
40- Integration tool between port and city (port …..) for industrial property, copyright or trade law
41. Economic analysis and protection of the common use of the radio spectrum or of patents or technological programs.
42- The legal system of luxury product
43. Intellectual property rights, cloud computing and electronic performance of companies.
44. Collective management of the copyright contract
Joint ownership
46. ​​Access to medicine in the context of international trade
47. Technology transfer and clearing contract in WTO law
48. Innovation and business strategies in emerging countries –
49. Collective litigation in the European Union
50. Domain names and alternative dispute resolution methods
51. To whom should knowledge belong – in search of democratic and cognitive idealism by examining competitive and local models towards cooperative and freebies?
52. The other party with respect to intellectual property
53- Signs of quality of origin and ownership of industry.
54. Judicial protection of industrial property