The Sinful Son by Lombardi Tom

The Sinful Son by Lombardi Tom is an interesting article about the different worldviews of the author and his mother. Lombardi’s mother is deeply religious, and she would always associate all occurrences, even the most trivial ones, with Jesus. On the contrary, the author has a secular humanism view, which makes him be displeased with her company due to their conflicting views.
Lombardi creatively selects words that enable a reader to understand his displeasure with his mother’s worldview. For example, the selection of the word “enemy” when referring to the devil illustrates how greatly his mother feared the latter. The constant use of the word “Jesus” demonstrates how highly religion was considered in his parent’s home. The description of his mother as having a bending posture “her back was more hunched…” shows that she had grown much older when compared to when he last saw her.
The article’s tone shows Lombardi’s despise for cases of extreme adherence to religion. Probably, he finds people with such faith as being religious fanatics. Satirically, he writes, “we’d lay our hands on the screen, the static shield electrifying our palms as Pat Robertson prayed.” In this statement, Lombardi expresses his contempt for being compelled to lay his hands on the television. The statement “You’re like a heroin addict,” shows his distaste for his mother’s extreme love for religion. In the last sentence of the article, the author appears to have understood his mother; he is empathetic to her after hearing about her childhood. “…, I clasped her hand. It was warm and old and alive.” The tone of this sentence shows that he is no longer too judgmental of her; rather, he is now willing to appreciate her worldview.
The article by Lombardi illustrates the importance of understanding the environment where another person has lived before judging them. Before the author understood his mother’s background, he was distressed by her extreme love for religion. It was after he learned about her childhood troubles and the solace that she found in Christianity that he understood her worldview. Similarly, we should always try to understand the circumstances that shape and influence other people’s thoughts before we judge them.
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