Question 8
The United Nations was formed way back in 1945, particularly to prevent a repeat of the clashes witnessed during world war 2.The international body is not affiliated with any government and its main role is to promote international peace and cooperation. That stated the body has been involved in various peace restoring missions such as in Rwanda, Kenya etc.
One particular strength of this organization is the ability to act as a representative of the common man when it comes to international politics.The arena of international politics is constructed as a domain where individual states fight to safeguard their interests, with the common man relegated to the background. In this perspective, the united nation may consider as an arbitrating body where individual states present their cases to be resolved.Therefore, the body represents the conscience of the people at large while the states act as a representative, rather than competing agents.
A second strength is the ability of the body to function as a world this case, the strength is attributed to the charter signed by various countries giving the organization the power to implement the framework regarding various issues. The issues can be on the geographical aspect, political etc.
A major weakness of the body is that it reflects the realities of world politics that are a reflection of the year 1945.After the Second World War, there were dominant states such as Britain, U.S.S.R, and America while there was total economic and social destruction of Japan and this century, the exact opposite is true with some countries having a bigger say in the united nations than others. In its effectiveness, the body can be considered not so effective due to: failed peacekeeping missions around the world (Bose, 2017), the difference in the say of different countries and the dominance of the superpowers on this body. As a matter of fact, the body can only be effective if there were equal positions given to different countries.
All that stated, the advantages of this body outweigh the disadvantages which are just an indication of the importance of the body.
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