The supernatural world, makes a reestablished dread of the mysterious world and its impact upon mortals. In Caesar’s Act, Shakespeare used signs and heavenly happenings to charm his audience and show the unnatural and disorganized state of man’s issues in his play.
In scene 3 Act 1, of Caesar, there is a brutal storm. In the avenues around evening time, Casca meets with Cicero, one of the large Roman speakers. Casca claims to have seen unusual things in Rome that night. There was an unharmed left hand yet burning and fire was falling from the skies. He also saw a lion around the street, and a hooting owl during the day. Cicero reveals to him that men have different interpretations of things, and leaves.
Cassius at that point arrives and reveals to Casca that he has been strolling in the storm, unafraid. He was challenging the lightning to strike him. Cassius reveals to Casca that there is an explanation for the more significant part of the mysterious happenings in Rome. Casca states that the representatives intend to crown Caesar in the morning. Casca shakes hands with Cassius, and they consent to cooperate to keep Caesar from seizing power.
The unnatural occasions foretelling Caesar’s murder gives a reflection on its chronicled significance. They present the issue of whether destiny has dictated it inescapable. The signs have clear implications to the audience since they realize that Caesar will be killed. The characters, interestingly, don’t recognize what will happen. They infer the signs to mean anything. Cassius controls the dialog to influence his plan to appear as though its somebody else’s.
This scene exhibits the characters’ failure to translate effectively the signs that they experience. The night is loaded with signs, yet nobody interprets them precisely. Cassius affirms that they indicate the risks of Caesar’s ruling. They caution the obliteration that Cassius himself plans. Thoughts of good and evil are firmly attached to custom and manliness. Cassius is still implying, instead of just stating that they should execute Caesar.