As the ability to come up with modern and unique ideas, creativity is a display of sophistication and increased level of imagination. Modern, sophisticated, and above all stylish, the Mobile museum of art mixes both traditional, modern, and contemporary works of art to come up with a unique set of collections, which are rare in many museums. Located in Mobile, Alabama, this modern museum has exclusive collections from Europe, United Sates, South America, Asia, and Africa. Besides showcasing various artifacts, the museum also hosts various exhibitions. Since its establishment in 1963, the museum has undergone only one major refurbishment, in 2002, in order to reflect the changing tastes, culture, and preference in the society. While a person may disqualify it for an ordinary museum, its artistic collection of both old and modern works of art provides an individual with the opportunity to critic on the levels of creativity that have been among various generations in the world.
From the onset, the museum reflects modernity with a rare but stylish blend of modern and past collections. The unique display of artistic works of art, such the climbing chairs, an artistic display of chairs that have been piled over each other, shows modernity and divergence from ordinary thinking. A similar situation is observed in the balloon-filled room. Simply, this room has a collection of huge red balloons. Although simple at first sight, this presentation, in fact, displays one of America’s modern culture, celebrating ceremonies by throwing balloons. The creativity shown by these artistic works display a modern form of thinking and also challenges the past ideology of an organized way of life. In fact, it is a display of the realities of the world, life is never ideal.
The museums past collection of artistic work are unique and orderly displayed. For example, the collections by Schoenknecht~Paul that show the international style evolution from 1880-1960 are kept in safe glasses. In the museum’s collection of past clothes, the models wear different old clothes depending on the culture being displayed. While the clothes are slightly different, they have an overwhelming level of similarity. For instance, clothes worn in a given generation are made of similar fabric or basic concept. For instance, the wearing of robes is shown in almost all collections. In the early modern era, male and female individuals wear suits and dresses that have a similar basic concept. Consequently, it may be argued that these societies are not creative enough to come up with their unique dressing code. On a similar note, the collections by Schoenknecht~Paul are displayed in an orderly manner. For instance, it is expected that in a home setting, there may be pieces of broken glasses occasionally. In addition, the cutleries, which are shown by Schoenknecht~Paul, are perfectly arranged, which is not always the case in a home setting. Therefore, the past collection of the museum shows a lack of creativity on both the artists specializing in this field and the society that lived during the periods that have been showcased.
To sum up, the collections at Mobile museum show a change in culture, attitude, and belief in the society. It is overwhelmingly clear that the current society is more creative and imaginative than the past societies. The artistic works displayed of the current society show a sharp divergence from the past works of art by requiring individuals to think of the hidden information displayed by these artifacts. In addition, they also show high levels of realism, a factor that is missing in the past works of art.