Assessment item 2: Written Assignment
Written Assignment: Consumer-centred mental health nursing practice
Word Length: 1800 words Due Date: Submit your assignment to Turnitin by11.45pm Monday, 16 September 2019 Topic: Reflection: Collaborative Practice with Experts by Experience This assignment develops your understanding of the contribution of lived experiences of a mental disorder for collaborative, person-centred mental health nursing practice. Task: (i) Referring to relevant peer-reviewed literature, discuss why it is necessary for mental health nurses, when developing a collaborative nurse-consumer relationship, to gain an understanding of the health care consumer’s experiences of living with the effects of a mental disorder. (ii) Reflect on your own nursing practice and identify one aspect – a behaviour, an attitude, or a skill – that requires some development for you to work collaboratively with a health care consumer who has experienced a mental disorder. With reference to relevant, peer-reviewed nursing literature, discuss how you could develop this aspect of your own nursing practice.