1. Summary of an Article

Licensed to Earn
Acquiring a CPA will place an individual at an advantaged position of earning higher salaries and having better employment opportunities in future. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the employment opportunities for auditors and accountants will increase in the next several years. As a such, CPA holders and accountants who have earned other professional recognitions will have the best job prospects. Notably, CPA holders will have better job prospects than accountants with certificate and professional recognitions from other institutions.
According to Susan Afan, CPA holders always carry out their activities with more professionalism than other accountants. As a result, it is now a common requirement in senior level accounting positions. In fact, some professionals believe that a CPA license should be a minimum requirement for a practicing accountant.
CPAs have an advantage over ordinary accountants to clients in the guarantee on the quality of the work they produce since they undergo rigorous qualification requirements that focus on education, examination, ethics, and experience. In addition, only CPAs have the authority to audit books of account and sign off on the validity of their financial information. Finally, due to the rigorous training that they undergo, they are professional, ethical, diligent, and produce high-quality work. As such, their services are highly demanded, which makes them earn up to 15% higher salaries than ordinary accountants (American Institute of Certified Accountants, 2017).

  1. CPA Profiles: Paul Patterson. Senior Manager, Grant Thornton, LLP

Paul Patterson works as a senior manager for Grant Thornton Forensic, Investigation, and Dispute Services Practices in the Shanghai office. His main role in the company is proactively understanding and mitigating against fraud-related risks on the company’s clients, who are mainly based in the US but with a presence in China. In addition, he establishes programs and controls that safeguard his clients’ assets and employees.

  1. “Find Your Fit” Assessment

Suggestion for early career type.
Type: Public Accounting
To compete for the best jobs I should have the following:

  • Good grades
  • Join clubs and other organizations in school
  • Have a wide network of professionals
  • Acquire technical skills and knowledge of accounting firms.

Part II

  1. Description of Career Option

Environmental Compliance Analyst
An environmental compliance analyst ensures that his/her company is adhering to all the environmental regulations provided by the government. In this position, the environmental compliance analyst monitors the impacts of the company’s activities on the environment. In addition, he/ she checks and ensures that the company is paying taxes on environmental pollution. Finally, he/she conducts investigations with regards to the company’s activities on the environment and prepares appropriate reports.

  1. “Find Your Fit” Assessment: Dan Bachrach. Regional Controller, Gate Gourmet.

As a specialist in managerial accounting, Dan Bachrach works is the controller for his employer’s Honolulu business. In this role, he provides leadership to individuals and departments so that they may achieve their goals. He also analyzes the trends in the industry in order to understand and anticipate changes, which enables him to effectively prioritize the activities that the business should undertake.
Part III          

  1. The Stereotype of Accountants Which Does Not Seem to Fit.

Accountants do not have time for family and friends
It is common to hear people saying that accountants are so busy that they do not have time for friends and family. However, the information on Find Your Fit website has demonstrated that accountants have time for friends and family. According to Dan Bachrach, accountants who manage their time efficiently always have time for friends and family.

  1. Does the Saying “Accounting is the Language of Business” Make Sense?

Based on the websites and information taught in class, the phrase “accounting is the language of business” makes sense. Firstly, business decisions mostly rely on the information provided by accountants. In particular, investment decisions rely on information on the feasibility of an investment and the potential incomes from such a venture. In addition, the viability of an existing business requires an individual to have an understanding of accounting so that he/she can calculate the profits or loss made by the business and also its operating costs.

  1. What is Accounting?

Accounting is a comprehensive and systematic process of recording, interpreting, and communicating financial information. To achieve these objectives, accountants record business information using a structured process of the double-entry rule. This information is then interpreted to give various financial information such as profitability, operating costs, and rate of growth of a business.

  1. Information Learned from the Websites

I was able to learn of the existence of accountants who specialize on the environment. These are the environmental staff accountants, the environmental compliance analysts, and the environmental national accountants. I was particularly interested in these group of accountants since they play an important role in protecting our environment.
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