According to Natalie Goldberg, ‘if you are having any sort of difficulty in coming up with new ideas, then slow down. For me, slowing down has been a tremendous source of creativity. It has allowed me to open up-to know that there is life under the earth and that I have to let it come through me in a new way’. In this perspective, Natalie Goldberg was simply trying to acknowledge that everyone is creative in one way or another, you just have to look deep.
Since the age of the caveman, the human being has developed himself and his environment in an unprecedented way: the paintings by Leonardo DaVinci, the great books by William Shakespeare, the atomic bomb by Albert Einstein, the light bulb by Thomas Edison, rules of Stock exchange by J.P.Morgan the first black president of the united states, oil refining by John.D.Rockefeller, great reggae music revolution by Bob Marley, the Microsoft company by Bill Gates, Mahatma Gandhi, Huey.P. Newton of the Black Panther, Mother Teresa, Mark Zuckerberg among others. All these people and their creations were unique in the aspect that nothing like that had been done before.
All the great people have the characteristic of great thinking mettle. They did not and do not just think ‘outside the box’ but think as though ‘there is no box’. All these people have demonstrated that there is creative thinking in every single person in the world, you just have to find it.
All that stated, the main aim of this essay is to try and look into the characters of some historically great people who revolutionized the world to what it is today. This essay looks into how the following people thought differently and how they applied thinking to change the world to what it is today: Barrack Obama, Albert Einstein, and John.D.Rockefeller, Huey.P.Newton. And Bill gates Furthermore, the essay looks into how people in the modern society can think in the same way so as to have impacts on the world.

  1. Barrack Hussein Obama Jr.

Barrack Obama was the first president of the United States to come from the African-American race. He has impacted the lives of many people making them believe that with strong will and commitment everything is possible. Not only is he African-American but his father was from the lakeside region of an African country Kenya. Considering that Kenya is a developing country which cannot be compared to America, Obama has really demonstrated that where there is a will there is a way.
Brief Introduction
The first colored president of the United States was born in 1961in Honolulu, Hawaii. He was born of a Kenyan father and an American woman who had met when they were in university. His father’s name was Obama senior while the name of the mother was Ann Dunham. Though he was born just 6 months after his parents married, Obama rarely met his father and it is described that he met him only once in his life before he eventually died in a road accident in Kenya. Prior to this, Obama senior had moved to Massachusetts to study his Ph.D. at Harvard University. Furthermore, Obama was forced to stay with his stepdad after his parents officially divorced in 1964.Obama attended Punahou Academy in Hawaii while staying with his maternal grandparents and managed to graduate from this school with academic honors in the year 1979. He continued his college studies in Occidental college in the Los Angeles for two years before he was transferred to Columbia University in New York where he managed to graduate in 1983 having studied political science.
His entrance into the careers as a lawyer came after the sense of renewal he received after visiting the graves of his biological father and grandfather in Kenya. He enrolled in Harvard Law School in 1988 and furthermore went on to join the law firm after an impressive conversation with the constitutional law professor, Lawrence Tribe. He is said to have the ambition and it was very clear to anyone who had eyes and common sense that Obama could become anything he wanted. It is the same year after joining the Chicago law firm that Obama Met his current wife Michelle Robinson and soon afterward began dating and later on got married in the year 1992.
Ex-president Obama’s thinking
The separation of his father from his mother when he was just 2 years old must have played a big role in making him try to accomplish more. It is clear that Obama did not have any relationship with his father after the latter went to pursue his Ph.D.In this context, Obama struggled in the absence of his biological father and he only saw him once after his mother and father had separated, a short stint in Hawaii in 1971.More to this is the fact that his father died when he was just 21 years old after a fatal accident in Kenya. According to Obama, at the time of his father’s death, he was still a mystery to him. The sense of revival in Obama was only obtained when he visited the graves of his father and grandfather. He would furthermore state that all his life in America and all the turmoil around his life had been connected to that portion of land that the two had been buried.
In essence, after visiting these two graves, Obama began his illustrious career by joining the Harvard law school in 1988. He overcame the depression and thought that was brought about by the separation and divorce of his parents, and the abandonment at a tender age. As a matter of fact, this was part and parcel of the variables that played a role in his accomplishments.
Racism was a nagging issue during the childhood of Obama and was still a nagging issue during his time at school and in the university. To begin with, during the period that Obama stayed with his mother and stepfather in Jakarta, Indonesia, there were several incidences of racism which subsequently forced Obama’s mother to send him back to Hawaii to live with his grandparents.This was particularly so because the incidents risked the education and safety of Obama. Contrary to his mother’s thoughts that in Hawaii there would be no racism, the same was present. To worsen the situation is the fact that Obama was only one in three black students at Punahou Academy and hence was a subject of racism. In his autobiography, Obama describes how he tried to reconcile his multiracial heritage and the social perceptions and even wondered if there was something wrong about him.
In response to the racist perceptions that he received everywhere he went, Obama dedicated his early career life to being a civil rights lawyer. This advocacy work is what led him to run for a seat in the Illinois state senate which was a success. During this time he worked on various fronts such as in healthcare, education, legislation, and ethics etc. In response to the racism that he had received, Obama ensured that he was in a position to fight for the rights of every individual regardless of the race. Furthermore considering that the African-American population in the United States was enduring the same difficulties as he was, he became determined to be the person who would ensure equality.
The inability to give up is something that is ingrained in Barrack Obama. Though it might seem like an easy thing, this is basically a mindset. The life of Barrack Obama has had its ups and downs. To begin with is the ability to cope with racism in school to attain honors. As stated before, Obama was only one in three black students and therefore received numerous negative attention. He managed to overcome this by not giving up on his studies and by also accepting his unique black color.On the aspect of politics, Obama tried to run for the U.S House of Representatives in 2000 but the attempt was unsuccessful. Contrary to this failed attempt being an impediment, it became the fuel for the campaign committee he created in 2002.The responsibility of the committee was to help ion the raising of funds to run for the U.S Senate seat in 2004 which he won. As a matter of fact, on his return to Illinois to vie for the U.S Senate, he delivered the largest electoral victory ( Editors, 2017).
To be the first in something, and particularly to have the zeal and drive, was the thought that made Obama vie for the seat of presidency in 2008.Prior to this, no other African American had tried to vie for the highest office. It can be described as a surprise when Obama made headlines in his bid to become the presidential candidate of the Democrats. He managed to trounce Hillary Clinton and subsequently became the first African-American president, fulfilling the dream millions of African-Americans. It is the thought of uniqueness and to be the first that can be conclusively deemed to have made him President. In essence, he received the much coveted Nobel Prize back in 2008.about 6 months after becoming the president.
Lessons from Obama
The ability to withstand adverse situation is something most people do not possess. During the period that Obama was in Indonesia, he was subjected to racism which would lead to his transfer to Hawaii particularly because of the fear of his life and his education. This place was no better for cases of racism were still present. He withstood this situation to attain honors in school which is basically a lesson to every person. Adversity should only make people stronger.
Secondly, as demonstrated by Obama, is the ability of not giving in upon attempts to achieve something. Obama might not have been the president of the United States had he given up on his dreams of becoming the senator of Illinois after his unsuccessful run for the U.S house of senate representatives. It is this position as the senator that pushed him to become the president of the United States.

  1. Albert Einstein

He may be regarded as one of the brightest individuals to ever grace the earth and more than that regarded as the father of quantum physics. Albert Einstein was a German physics whose work may be regarded as the pillar of the atomic bomb. Furthermore, the theory of relativity which is purely based on the concepts that he designed is a fundamental canon of the modern day physics. Considering his contribution to the world of physics and the globe in general, the name Albert Einstein has become synonymous with genius.
Introduction to Albert Einstein
This great person was born in the year 1879 at Ulm in the German empire. His father was a salesman and an engineer who, together with Einstein’s brother, founded Elektronische Fabric j.Einstein & Cie which was based in Munich. His mother was mainly a housewife focused on the duties at home. His schooling began at the Luitpold Gymnasium before his family moved out of Germany into Italy where he managed to continue with his studies at Aarau, Switzerland.He mainly focused on mathematics and physics in response to the advice given to him by the principal of the polytechnic. He had observed his failure to reach the required standard of the general examination but exceptional achievements in mathematics and physics. It was during his time at the Swiss Federal Polytechnic in Zurich where Einstein managed to meet the woman who would, later on, become his first wife.
Maric was a Serbian physics student who Einstein apparently met during his tome in Zurich. The antagonist opinion from Albert’s parents was due to the difference in Ethnicity but that did not hinder Einstein from seeing her. Considering that both of them had a major background in physics, Albert expressed many of his scientific ideas in these letters.
His work career was not as smooth as people could possibly think. After Einstein completed his training as a teacher in 1901, he managed to obtain the position of a technical assistant in the Swiss patent office, considering that there were no teaching positions available.This was while he continued his studies and was able to get his doctor’s degree in 1905.
His interest in physics and the knowledge of the world has been revealed by the documents that he used to produce during his spare time at the patent office. On attaining his doctor’s degree in 1905, he managed to fill various academic positions from the year 1908:the privatdozent at Berne in the year 1908,professor extraordinary at Zurich in 1909,professor of theoretical physics at Prague in 1911,professor of theoretical physics at Zurich in 1912,the Director of the Kaiser Wilhelm physical institute and professor of Berlin un university in 1914 until the year 1933 when he stopped being a German citizen.
Albert Einstein’s thinking
The world of Albert Einstein mainly revolved around science. He was basically obsessed with the Newtonian mechanics which he basically described to be inadequate. In this response, he created the theory of relativity which is a way through which all the inadequacies in the Newtonian mechanics are met. The theory of relativity attempted to merge the laws of mechanics with the laws of electromagnetic this perspective, Albert Einstein thought of the solution to a problem that he had observed in the Newtonian laws of mechanics. This is not only an aspect of genius but it is also a trait that can separate revolutionaries from the normal lot. More to this unique way of thinking is the fact that even after the theory of relativity was correct, he managed to look into other aspects of physics such as theories revolving around radiation and statistical mechanics.
The ability to adapt to changes is something that only a few people can manage. In this respect, Albert Einstein managed to adapt to changes throughout his life such as the shift of his family from Germany to Switzerland, Italy etc. Furthermore, it is described that Albert moved back to America in the year 1933 because of political reasons and his Jewish backgrounds. He easily adapted to his environments and it was this trait that enabled the U.S to be the first country to make the atomic bomb in the Manhattan project ( Editors, 2017). The bomb was basically his considering that all the ideas were his work.
It is also known that prior to his career as a professor at the university he was a patent officer having failed to secure a teaching position in physics and Mathematics. He managed to reconcile the fact that there were no jobs currently available with the fact that he was a major in Physics and mathematics. Furthermore, by becoming a patent officer, Albert managed to write some of his best works during his free time and when his breakthrough came in 1908 after attaining his doctor’s, there was no going back.
The uniqueness of Einstein’s thinking can be observed on what he mainly focused on. The main focus of Albert Einstein was physics and mathematics. In his biography, it is indicated that he used to send letters to Maric devolving to her his thoughts on physics. Later on in his school life when he went to the Polytechnic, he managed to get lower overall grades but was exemplary in physics and Mathematics which subsequently led to him pursuing a teaching professional on these two subjects. To encompass his love for physics and mathematics, he went on to become a professor at the University of Berlin and even after retiring, continued to work on the various concepts of physics. This unique thinking was the main reason behind his award of the 1921 Nobel Prize.
Lessons from Einstein
The ability to set goals, focus on them and develop strategies on how to achieve them is one critical aspect.Throughout his lifetime, Albert Einstein displayed the ability to focus on goals that he set. To begin with was the obsession with Newtonian mechanics.His main focus was to develop a bridge that had been left by Newton. In regards to achieving his goals, Einstein had strategies through which he was able to visualize the main stages on the way to the goal. It is this that led to the development of the theory of relativity. It is thus important to set, focus and develop strategies on goals.
The ability to find a problem where nobody else sees it.Considering the Newtonian mechanics, Einstein was able to see that there were inadequacies and went on further to develop his special theory of relativity. Considering that Newtonian mechanics had been developed about a century prior, it is important to see how many physicists didn’t see his flaws. Furthermore, regarding the works of Einstein, he had a clear view of all the problems that he encountered and had the determination to solve them.

  1. John .D. Rockefellar

He has been regarded as one of the wealthiest people to ever live. When Rockefeller was a 16-year-old his main ambition was to earn $100 000 and live for 100 years (O’Donnell, 2014), little did he know that his legacy would outlive him by over a century. As boy, he was a bookkeeper in Ohio, California before he made the remarkable discovery of refining oil and selling it. In his hay day, John. D’s assets equalled an economic output of 1.5 %.Currently, to control such a share would require $340 billion which is four times that of bill gates. (O’Donnell, 2014).Considering that he became the world’s first billionaire in 1916($30 billion today) (O’Donnell, 2014), he must have had a unique perspective of thinking and observation.
Introduction to John.D.Rockefeller
Rockefeller was born on July 8, 1839, of William Avery Rockefeller and Eliza Davidson and was the second born in a family of six children, the eldest son. His father was primarily a con artist who managed to even take money from his children to benefit himself. His family was nomadic in the sense that they traveled a lot and in 1851, the family moved to Monrovia, New York prompting the young Rockefeller to attend Oswego academy. Due to the nomadic nature of the family, they relocated to Strongsville where eventually Rockefeller dropped out of school and started a business dealing in meat, hay and other commodities.
The year was 1863 when he built his first oil refinery having observed the growth for the demand of oil. With the growth of the market and the oil refinery, he dedicated all his time to it and by the year 1870, the company was incorporated with the help of some other associates of his. This, in turn, enabled him to buy his competitors making him control almost 90% of the oil in America (Eschner, 2017).Furthermore, negotiation with the railroads ensured that the oil was distributed throughout the state with less expenditure.
In the venture to become the leading oil company throughout the United States, Rockefeller established a pattern of buying competitors that would be followed by monopolies throughout the world. Furthermore, during other periods when Rockefeller faced competition for the shipping of his oil, he designed the pipeline system which was a far easier and cheaper method for the transportation throughout America. The monopoly system had been set by Rockefeller when he merged all of his refineries into standard oil.
Apart from the business prospects of the company, when Rockefeller had accumulated more than enough money from his empire, he began the philanthropic works that are present up to today.From the year 1897 to his death, he focused mainly on charity works and some of his major works include the founding of the University of Chicago and more to that gave it $35 million between the period between its founding and his death.Furthermore, he did collaboration with his son to create other philanthropic facilities such as the Rockefeller medical institute for medical research, General Education Board and in total gave out about $300 million (O’Donnell, 2014)
Mindset of John D Rockefeller
To begin with, he was not afraid to venture into hard work. John.D.Rockefeller dedicated his time to his small businesses when he was20 years old. The businesses required hard work and dedication of which Rockefeller was not afraid of. More to this is the fact that he dropped out of school to cater for this small enterprise of his. This can be attributed to the traits of devotion and vision. Considering that school was not his best suit, he thought it was better if he managed to focus his energy on the business that he had initiated.Furthermore, when he was a teenager, Rockefeller had been an assistant bookkeeper at Hewitt and Tuttle, Commission merchants and produce shippers.
Secondly was his ability to sense an opportunity and venture into it.Rockefeller ventured into the oil business closing down all his minor businesses when he saw that there were higher prospects in the oil sector. He even went on to buy his competitors consequently leading to the formation of national oil which dominated America for many years.
Innovation and creativity were part and parcel of John.D.Rockefeller. In consideration of the period when the prices for the transportation were high and there was stiff competition from the other industries, he came up with the idea of transporting oil through pipelines which was a far cheaper method.In doing so, he revolutionized the method through which oil was being transported to the whole country.
The tactics through which Rockefeller, maintained his oil business was regarded as very competitive and ruthless (Klein, 2014). In the first instance, he aggressively bought the smaller companies so that his own could grow. Other methods that were used for the growth of his company included race wars whereby he could cut down the price of his oil so that the other companies would give in and he would eventually buy them out and also intimidation. Furthermore, by negotiating the shipment by railroads, he was able to transport his oil at a much cheaper price consequently throwing his competitors into oblivion. It is these practices that Rockefeller employed that are the benchmark of the modern American capitalism (Eschner, 2017).
Lessons from John.D.Rockefeller
Considering the mindset towards work and devotion, Rockefeller demonstrated that success can only be achieved through hard work and devotion. His mind was fixated on the development of the company in the sense that he knew the business enterprise inside out. This, in turn, ensured the continued growth of this company. This is an important trait to possess in the current world if there is any chance of making a difference.
Not only was Rockefeller a good businessman, he was also very religious and philanthropic. These are the two traits that have been accorded to him.After retiring from national oil, he ventured into philanthropist giving back to the society about $500 million which in turn made him an outstanding figure up to today
To take care of his small business after dropping out from school was a risky venture. Furthermore investing all his energies in national oil was a risky venture considering it was a first.It is this willingness to take risks that most people willing to change the world should adopt.

  1. Bill Gates

He is currently the richest man on the planet earth and the founder of Microsoft. An outstanding trait of Bill Gates, such as in the case of Rockefeller, is the fact that he dropped out Harvard school to pursue his dream. He also must have borrowed a leaf from the book of Rockefeller for he is very philanthropic person making contributions throughout the world.
Introduction to Bill Gates
Bill Gates was born in Seattle, Washington in the year 1955 by William.H.Gates and Mary Maxwell gate. Considering that his father was a layer and mother served as a member of the board of directors for the first Interstate Banc System, they had a law career already in mind for the young Bill Gates. In the family, Bill gates had two sisters and one brother.
His enrolment in lakeside school must have had an influence on his decision to work on computers later on in his life. It was here that the Mother’s club bought computers that were to be used by the school children. Bill Gates took an interest in programming and the teachers took notice of this excusing him from the math classes so that he could pursue his interest in computers. The aha moment of his breakthrough was when he managed to program the school’s computers to play games Subsequently, Gates worked on various program-related projects in the school which fuelled his interest and steered him in the direction of the software enterprise.
Gates graduated from Lakeside school in 1973 and scored 1500/1600 in the aptitude test of which he followed up by joining Harvard the same year venturing into mathematics and graduate level computer science course. He would later drop out of Harvard two years later to venture into the business world
Mindset of Bill Gates
He can basically be regarded as a very bright individual who had a unique interest in computers.
To begin with, he took an interest in computers at lakeside school focusing his energies on programming to the extent that he was excused from math classes so that he could venture into his interest in programming. Furthermore, it is in this school that he managed to write his first program: an implemented tic-tac-toe that enabled users to play games on the computer purchased by the mother’s club. Furthermore, he looked for more challenges when he collaborated with other students to venture into DEC PDP microcomputers ( Editors, 2017). More to this is the fact that even joining Harvard, he still had the interest in computers pursuing graduate-level computer science
Another important aspect that can be considered pivotal to the success of Bill Gates is his adventurous spirit. At the age of 17, he wrote the school’s computer programs to schedule students in classes.Furthermore, he ventured into the business world at this tender age when he and his friend formed the Traf-O-Data to make traffic counters based on the Intel 8008 processor. Making friendship with Joe Allen was purely driven by their adventurous spirits into computers and this subsequently led to the formation of Microsoft.
Bill Gates had a clear vision and direction. This is based on the fact that ever since he enrolled in Lakeside school, his main focus and vision was on computers. Not only did he see the potential in computer as a driving force but also as a possible business venture. His vision subsequently led him to drop out of Harvard to venture into Microsoft.
To some extent, bill gates is a risk taker.This is proved by the fact that he dropped out of the most prestigious university so that he could work on his dream. The risk is embedded in the fact that Microsoft was basically an idea that could either have gone in the positive or negative direction.
Lessons from Bill Gates
To begin with is the ability to focus and work on something that is of interest. Bill Gates worked on computer programming ever since he was in Lakeside school and even went to the extent of missing some classes so that he could focus on his interest. This is a very important skill to hold if one is to succeed in today’s society.
Risk taking is only gifted to those who want to make a difference. In this case, risk-taking can be observed in Bill Gates and Rockefeller. Bill Gates managed to drop out of University to work on his idea and basically, this was a huge gamble.
Being philanthropic is something unique. A unique aspect accorded to Bill Gates is his philanthropic nature. He has to a large extent been described as philanthropic and considering he stepped down as the CEO of Microsoft to focus on the Bill and Melinda foundation, this is very true. He has made a difference to millions of people around the world and a lesson to people who want to make a difference.

  1. Huey.P.Newton

He may be described as the person who single-handed revolutionizes the power of the minorities and in particular the black community.In fact, his name can elicit different opinions: to the police, he was a criminal, to the black community he was a hero. In this respect, the 1860s saw a rise of racism in America and Huey was the man who advocated for armed self-defense around the communities of the black communities subsequently leading to the formation of the Black Panther Organization. This organization was meant to empower the community and even managed to do charity works such as feeding the children.
Introduction to Huey.p.Newton`
He was born in 1942 in Monroe in a time when racism had taken a major toll on the American society. He was basically illiterate but managed to attend the University of California where he studied law eventually attaining his degree and subsequently his Ph.D. It was while he was at university that he met Bobby Seale and decided to form the Black Panther organization. Primarily the party was formed for the self-defense of the black community and was initially known as the Black Panther Party for self-defense.In the wake of its formation, Huey Newton became the minister for defense while Bobby Seale was the chairman
The party, led by Huey.p.Newton received recognition both nationally and internationally because of the tactics with which it employed to empower the community. Looking through the armed and self-defense programs of the organization that prevented police harassment, there were empowerment programs mainly dealing with children and women. This party would revolutionize the black community and still forms the benchmark for the modern day revolutionary activities.
Mind Set of Huey.p.Newton
Newton knew his goals. It is often stated that he was in constant run-ins with the law as a teenager but when he decided to dedicate his energy to education, he became his own teacher, learning to read and write by himself. This was after he drew inspiration from his brother who had just earned masters in social science.
Newton was a visionary. Before the formation of the Black Panther, there were widespread activities of racism and hatred towards the black community. In response to this, he envisioned a group that would fight for the rights of this community albeit legally or illegally. The group formed revolutionized the black communities to the extent that they became a subject of investigation by the F.B.I (wiz, 2015).Furthermore, the group put in place its political goals such as food and housing programs that were meant to fight for better living conditions within the community.
Lessons from Huey.P.Newton
To begin with is self-drive. Considering that Huey.P.newton managed to teach himself to read and write because he considered that there was no teacher or mentor who gave him what he desired in life is something unique. This can have various impacts on the lifetime on anyone willing to make a difference in the world.
The second and most important aspect is the ability to observe and find a solution to a problem. Newton observed that the black community was oppressed and therefore took upon himself to form a group that would fight for the rights of this community. This is what led to the revolutionary Black Panther organization. An important lesson to learn is that of observation and envisionment\
It is clear from the above figures that to make a difference in community and the world at large, one has to possess unique thinking perspective and capacity. Obama, Einstein, Rockefeller, Bill Gates and Huey.P.Newton all had various angles of thinking all in the bid to provide solutions and to make the world a better place. Considering that this group is just a fraction of the people who revolutionized humanity, these skills can be described as enormous. To make a difference, you have to think differently.
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