Title of the Thesis: Factors influencing the Adoption of Big Data in Higher Education Institutes in the UAE.
Research Method: Quantitative
Research Philosophy: Positivist
Research Approach: Deductive
This chapter introduces the proposed model and its associated hypotheses.
Research Objectives
There are three main objectives of this study:
i. To investigate the factors that influence the adoption of big data at an organizational level of HEI in the UAE.
ii. To develop a conceptual model that study the adoption of big data in HEI in the UAE.
iii. To develop the hypotheses/propositions between the independent factors and dependent factor (i.e. Adoption of Big Data)
The Research Model should be based on the following IS Adoption Theories and Models:
1. TOE: Technology-Organization-Environment Model (Used as the Base Model)
2. DOI: Diffusion of Innovation Theory (Innovation’s characteristics)
3. Institutional Theory.
4. HOT-fit: Human, Organization, and Technology–Fit Model
5. MOA: Motivation-Opportunity-Ability Model
Requirements in Details:
• To achieve the three objectives of the Research as stated above.
• To clarify the gap in the theoretical models relating to Big Data Adoption.
• Review of previous studies about Big Data Adoption in different contexts and sectors.
• Review of previous studies about Big Data Adoption in Higher Education (HE) in developing countries (i.e. Middle East) and developed countries.
• Full justification on why this study explores integrating a few constructs/factors from other models/theories, including DOI, HOT-fit, Institutional Theory, and MOA model with TOE model to develop a Big Data Adoption Model. Integrating these constructs will provide an extended view of Big Data Adoption Research (How and what else?)
• Significant justification based on previous studies on: Why TOE framework is selected for this study as the base model for integrating constructs/factors from other theories (i.e. DOI, HOT-fit, Institutional Theory, and MOA model).
• The New Research Conceptual Model should be unique from other existing Conceptual Models proposed in previous studies, and it should include some new factors and/or moderators related to the Big Data Adoption at HEIs in the UAE.
• Explanation and Justification for each factor that has been selected to be included in the proposed Research Model.
• Generating all hypotheses based on the proposed Research Model.