Your task is to write a reflective essay which answers a minimum of one (1) question from each section below (i.e. a total of two (2) questions).
Your essay should be 500 – 750 words (max) and be in your own words (references are not required). Consequently, your similarity report (Turnitin) should be very low (0).
Section 1 (choose one question to focus on)
1.1               Reflect on what you were trying to achieve in this topic? OR
1.2               Discuss what influenced your participation in the topic, particularly your participation in the exercises. OR
1.3               Reflect on what you discovered about your interpersonal skills during the topic. Did these discoveries confirm or contradict your preconceptions about yourself? OR
1.4          Discuss difficulties you had in the topic and how you overcame these (or not). OR
2.3          Reflect on what you found most challenging in the topic.
Section 2 (choose one question to focus on)
3.1          Discuss what strategies you will take following this topic to continue to develop your ability to be an effective communicator in the professional context. OR
3.2          Discuss specific interpersonal skills you would like to develop further and suggest ways you can do that.
The aim of reflective writing is depth not breadth of reflection. Therefore, you need to focus on the question and provide a detailed (deep) reflection rather than a superficial reflection regarding a wide range of issues.