For this unit, we have practiced active reading by taking part in a conversation with writers, questioning their opinions rather than passively accepting what they have to say. Specifically, we have read various articles that discuss how social networking might affect human interaction, and we have looked at how different authors have been in conversation with each other. Now, you are going to write an essay in which you enter the conversation and establish your own opinion about social networking.
Your task is to weigh in on the issue we have been discussing by writing a paper (about 4 pages) that answers the following question: What is the impact of social networking on human interaction? Since you are taking part in an ongoing conversation with these authors, make sure that you synthesize and refer back to the readings in order to defend your point of view.
A successful essay includes the following:

  • A clear and arguable THESIS that functions as a controlling idea for the essay
  • A four-part INTRODUCTION that captures reader interest and strongly orients the reader
  • PIE BODY PARAGRAPHS in support of the thesis that are clearly focused and developed
  • At least one quote (from the readings) per PIE body paragraph, incorporated and cited properly (MLA) – please use at least three of the readings
  • A one-paragraph CONCESSION that strengthens your argument by acknowledging an opposing point of view
  • Logical TRANSITIONS between paragraphs that move your reader from one point/idea to the next
  • Clear and correct sentences as well as careful proofreading
  • MLA formatting/style