Considering its name, a civil order simply refers to the ability to govern any organization, with no form of an outlaw, considering that the government formed is a social organization. Socialism has been antagonists from time immemorial with the recent Hitler versus communism showing just how great the rivalry is.In this regard, the United States has always been a civil state considering the legal difference between the governed and ungoverned.
The democracy of America has always been on the ropes particularly on the democratic issues of individuals. One of the aspects that particularly advocates that the democracy in America is a big lie is the fact that the president, on his official capacity, can withhold the privileges granted to individuals. This can, even more, provide the platform for voting and choice subjectivization. Everyone in the United States cannot vote on Electoral College regarding who is the president and vice president.
Regarding how America control’s civil order control, we primarily have to focus on project impact which is an emergency and very effective method, adopted by the state laws and the federal governments (Junior). In this, all these bodies use the best methods to alleviate any problem associated with the civil order. Furthermore, they have to focus on research, set development, built up a partnership to advance their progress and lead the country on open awareness programs.
One of the most important issues in the democracy, as per the United States, is democratic understanding. In this regard, the members of the society have the power and privilege to make their own decisions and choices. This is completely different in America where executive powers do not limit the presidential powers and in turn, hinder democracy. On this regard, the president or any executive power may not give up an official document like a court testimony that may be evidence to an important court proceeding (Junior). This is the particular reason that the executive branch of the government hides behind a veil when it comes to very critical issues of the economy and the state.
Other states that we have to focus on include Saudi Arabia and China, our model states. In the first instance, we consider the similarities. That stated, America has always enacted the death penalty on those that the country believes has committed an unforgivable crime. On the other side, countries like Britain, allies of America, oppose this sentence and prefer a more antagonist approach, such as life imprisonment.
Secondly, regards the civil rights of individuals. America and other of its allies have always spoken out on the freedom of individuals.Furthermore, America has always been stated as a no privacy zone with the main argument that the government spies on everyone but hides it in the limelight. On other countries like Saudi Arabia, the spade is called a spade, and there is no human rights violation. This is different from America, where the government is not from the people but to the people.
On a conclusive remark, civil order focuses on an individual which is contradictory to the modern law where there is the need to work as a community. It is therefore imperative for America to adopt policies that disregard the presidential privileges and focus on the society. The end result will be an articulate system of governance.
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