Urgent Issues to Sort

  1. Replace the option ‘Type of Paper” with Type of Service” and use the options that we sent you in the previous mail.

The details including “Type of Service” were:
Pricing Conditions

  1. One page should take a minimum of 1 hr. Therefore, a client cannot place an order of 10 pages be completed in 1 hour, it can only take 10 hrs.
  2. The most urgent order should not be of less than 3 hrs.
  3. Prices will vary with type of service, academic level, and urgency.
  4. Prices should only change according to the chart I uploaded. For example, the lowest price cannot change even when client puts a deadline of 200 days. Similarly, days/periods that lie between the pricing days like day 13 or day 9 acquire the rate of their preceding period. For example, work with a deadline of day 11, or 13 will be charged using the rate of day 10. Work with a deadline of day 8 or 9 will be charged using the rate of day 7.
Type of Service Multiplier
Academic Paper Writing 1
Science/Technology/Engineering/Math(STEM) 1.3
Rewriting 0.5
Proofreading/Editing 0.2
Lab Report 1.15
Annotated bibliography 1.15
Power Point 0.35
Graphs/Charts 0.5


  1. Delete the option document type. (Let these changes also reflect in client’s dashboard)
  2. Enable the client to make an order when in his/her dashboard and make and complete payments.
  3. Create a messaging system in the client’s dashboard.
  4. Enable the client to manipulate his/her profile and settings.
  5. The ‘home’ button in client’s dashboard is not working. Please correct the issue.
  6. Let the site state it started its operations in 2012
  7. Add the graphics sent by the graphics guy and partner with him to get the best.
  8. In the pricing page, add the ordering button so that client can check price and make an order. An example is from https://boomessays.com/prices and https://academized.com/prices
  9. We will need some small organization of the price page. (the additional content I put “which is shown on the top of the pricing chart’ should be at the bottom of the page. I am unable to correctly place it.). The FAQ page should not have a huge ‘gap’ between the statement ‘Frequently Asked Questions” and the actual questions. Its also not opening on the phone properly.
  10. We will need a sample page. Ours is not perfect. I will add the samples. You can copy the one for https://boomessays.com/samples
  11. Our blog page also needs to be made.
  12. On the our services page. Rename the icons in the following manner:
  13. Essay Services change to Academic Writing Service
  14. Assignments Services change to Web Content and Editing Services
  15. Dissertation Services change to Dissertation and Term Paper Services
  16. On the button Company. Let each option direct someone to where the specific content is located. For example, When a person clicks mission and vision is directed to the ‘Mission and Vision Section.
  17. Add images to our team, also remove the Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Google +, and LinkedIn option among the team members.
  18. Add the footer section I sent in the morning. You can direct us on how to make appropriate changes.
  19. You may integrate credit card with DPO. I will contact them tomorrow.
  20. Add a suitable favicon. I will pay for SSL.
  21. Once complete, I think we will look way better than BoomEssays. Or Academized.
  22. Your thoughts and opinions are welcomed. You may also add any positive issues I may have forgotten. We are quite late; therefore, I hope you will be able to complete the task tomorrow. Schools have already opened and other companies have been marketing.