Visit to Le Bernardin Restaurant

After hearing the hype about the perfect service and ambiance at Le Bernardin, I decided to visit the restaurant on Saturday, with my boyfriend, to celebrate my birthday. The restaurant is located right in the heart of midtown. Hence it is easily accessible. One requirement for the restaurant is that men should wear jackets in the dining. Accordingly, all dinners were sharply dressed, the men had blazers, and most of the ladies had dinner dresses. I was amazed by the restaurant’s extraordinary service and tasty meals.
As soon as we entered the hotel, we were warmly greeted by one of the servers who was standing just near the main door. The server directed us to the bar, where we wanted to have a glass of wine before going for dinner. The bartenders were very professional and prepared for us a fantastic cocktail. Similarly, the servers were attentive and considerate; they even brought the drink that I was unable to finish at the bar to our table. Since we had booked a reservation earlier in the day, one of the servers readily guided us to our table.
Le Bernardin has two sets of the menu that have a very affordable price range of between $200 and $300. We chose a four course $180 menu since it gave us the opportunity to choose the entrée’s, apps, and desserts. Our appetizers included pickled radish, a crab, raw oyster, and a piece of raw tuna. The bread servings were delivered just after we had sat. Since most of my friends had emphasized on the freshness of the restaurant’s seafood, we placed an order for it in our main entrees. I loved the restaurant’s monkfish, which was fresh and juicy. My boyfriend enjoyed himself with a white tuna. We ended our meal with a black Forrest cake. The white wine, which we selected at the recommendation of the sommelier was solid all-around, which perfectly balanced each dish that we ate. Both my boyfriend and I spent $380 on the meals and drinks.
As expected, the services at the restaurant were perfect, and the servers were friendly. Although they were warm and courteous, they were just too perfect, which made me feel as if they were watching us too much, or they were simply too attentive. Additionally, the restaurant was also too full for my liking. The other dinners were also not pleased with the small space in the dining since it restrained their movements and interfered with their conversations. I could not even sneak a picture without the risk of being judged by the diners around me. That notwithstanding, the ambiance of the restaurant was beautiful. The marble bar was stunning, and the large dining room, which had plenty of servers that were sharply dressed in white linen, had been neatly set. Overall, I liked the restaurant’s setting.
Despite the warm reception and quality services offered, the restaurant should increase its dining area. I felt that we were a bit too cramped up in the fully occupied restaurant’s dining. The lack of enough space is a major setback for the restaurant since most diners like to have a place where they can engage in their private conversations. The restaurant can remove some of the seats in the dining section to create more space. Similarly, the restaurant should encourage its servers to guide its customers when making orders. Their mum silence made me feel as if they were not knowledgeable of their products. Except for the sommelier, who recommended the Viognier, the other servers did not guide us when we were placing our orders. Therefore, although I enjoyed the meal, I believe I would have placed a much better order had I being guided by the servers.
Overall, I loved the restaurant’s service, and I believe it has set the standards for New York. In fact, the impression that I had about this restaurant have been enhanced by the visit. The services and tasty meals offered surpassed my expectations. Accordingly, I believe that the restaurant deserves the hype that most people have been giving it. After the meals, I received a thank you message and an invitation to revisit the restaurant in my email. Le Bernardin also requested for my feedback and suggestions on how they can improve their services. Since I enjoyed the restaurant’s services, I may form a long-term relationship with them. In my next visit, I will probably order different meals from the ones I ate, just to explore more of the restaurant’s dishes. In sum, Le Bernardin has excellent customer service, a lively ambiance, and offers affordable and tasty meals.