Assignment One
There are different opinions that were given in the voice thread regarding marking up books. One of the concerns raised by a student is that the marks are a big distraction when others use the marked book. However, some students considered marking books to be a good thing. One of the students who supported marking suggested that it helps the reader to be interested in the book in a deeper manner. Another student said that marking a book enhance a better understanding of the text. Notably, there were those who had the notion that the main concern in marking a book is whether it belongs to the public or it is privately owned.
Assignment Two
Level One Question. Identify the main advantage that results from free writing.
Level Two Question. Analyze the transformative power that results from critical thinking.
Level Three Question. Predict how free writing, as explained by Peter Elbow, will influence a person’s ability in writing.
Response to a Question
Explain How Free Writing Enhances Writing.
This question is not of level one since it calls for answers from various places in the text. Therefore, it is a level two question.
Assignment Three
Describe Your thoughts and Feelings About Voice Thread.
Voice Thread is a web-based application that enables uploading of various forms of media collections such as presentations, documents, videos, and images. People are able to interact freely using the uploaded audio file over a telephone, a microphone, or through the use of any text mix. It is an important tool since it allows others to record their comments or make other contributions to the discussion.  Voice Thread offers a great opportunity for students to express themselves and present their creativity. The simplicity in the combination of recorded and visual media makes its usage appealing to many. In addition, a virtual encounter can be created by a study group by making diverse contributions in the Voice Thread.