Volkswagen Tiguan ad: Laughing Horses
The Volkswagen Tiguan ad: Laughing Horses is one of the most effective adverts uploaded by Volkswagen UK on YouTube. The advert was uploaded in October 2016, and it currently has over 248 thousand views. The advert is based on malicious joy and shows a driver’s futile attempts to reverse-park a trailer that is attached to an SUV. After a few failed attempts and some hysterical laughter from horses that are observing his poor driving, a friend, who uses the Volkswagen Tiguan parking assist system, seamlessly parks the trailer for him.
The specific malicious behaviour used in this advert it the bungling behaviour, which emphasises on the drivers poor driving skills. The Laughing Horses advertisement is particularly entertaining since it is uncommon to find horses laughing at a person’s incompetence. Moreover, this advert shows how a person can have an entire parking space at his/her disposal and still be unable to park. Finally, for individuals who are good in reverse-parking, the advert makes them feel superior to less skilful drivers.
Overall, this advert is effective in promoting the Volkswagen Tiguan brand. In particular, it shows that the use of the vehicle’s assisted parking system can even enable a person to even park a trailer that is attached to it safely. In this advert, the man who successfully parks the trailer uses the Volkswagen Tiguan assisted parking system to seamlessly park the trailer in just one attempt. Since this advert is entertaining and can show the superiority of the Volkswagen Tiguan over ordinary SUV’s, the Volkswagen UK advert was effective in capturing the attention of its target market.
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