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It is the moral obligation of each person to engage in community service because it enables the government to offer critical services to the underprivileged in the society in an efficient and timely manner. Voluntary service is the humanitarian act of engaging in charitable activities during a disaster with an aim of helping the underprivileged in the society.[1] My volunteering experience, which was the most defining moment in my life, was in a children’s home. I was involved in different activities such as laundry, domestic chores, cleaning the compound, inspiring and motivating children, and educating them on the life’s basic skills. In addition, I taught the children about God.
The good thing about my volunteer service is that I was able to help kids from children’s home, orphans, and those who were homeless. Since it is impossible to assist everyone in the society, I was unable to help all the children in spite of my efforts and contributions in the voluntary work. I could still see children in the streets staying in the cold nights and with no parents or guardian to oversee their affairs. Moreover, my inadequate resources made it impossible for my voluntary work to reach out to all the children.
My empathy for homeless kids and the desire to play an active and positive role in my community were the reasons I became involved in voluntary service. In particular, my visits to children’s homes pushed me into taking part in helping these kids. I wanted to be part of the community that values children. Finally, I needed to learn different conditions of living that the children were experiencing.
To sum up, the urge to help children got me involved in voluntary service. In particular, my desire to motivate, inspire, and teach the kids in the ways of the Lord was one of my main driving force. Due to the value that I added to the society through my community service, I believe that everybody should engage in this social activity.
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