Walmart human resource management hypothetically addresses more on the recruitment requirements through applying various sources and techniques suited to several positions in the organization. Ideally, the company uses retail industry-specific criteria during the selection process. Therefore, to optimize employee retention, the organization’s human resource management methods includes a precise evolving compensation program that also includes the employee-relations management and the career development (Chuang, Donegan, Ganon and Wei, 2011)…

Mission and Objectives

The purpose and the strategic plans of any company are stipulated in its mission and goals. The mission of a company states clearly the road of the enterprise…

Background Information

Sam Walton’s strategy was typically constructed on the firm foundation in 1962 with a purpose of giving total respect to the customers and offering quality services to them. It has been ranked among the best companies since it was constructed because it strives to provide the best…

Company Products and Brands

The diversity in the products of the Walmart Company has been the primary foundation of its strong name of the brand. The vast world-class goods and services that it offers have gained it loyal consumers all around the world…

Company SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis offers insight into both internal and external forces that are beneficial to the company’s strategy development. ..





Geographic Coverage

The company has achieved massive levels of coverage than any other company in the world.

Control Span

Control span of an organization stipulates and describes the relationships between the managers and their subordinates within the firm. It also shows the number of assistants that should report to a particular director. If the span of control for a manager is full, he or she could have a difficult time monitoring and supervise the subordinates. The Walmart Company has employed several employees across the world that has different managers to report to at a time.
The top managers control the authority of assembly and perform administrative functions.

Company Culture

If there are technological changes in the market, special training is given to the existing employees.

Employee Motivation


The salaries offered by Walmart Company to its employees are very attractive and satisfactory.

Annual Leaves

The company has different leave schedules for the various branches in the world. A supervisor or an officer is offered 26 leave days per annum whereas the junior employees are offered 24 days per year.

Human Resource Functions

Job Analysis and Design

Job analysis is the process of determining the responsibilities and skills required for a certain job and the kind of person to be hired for the same job.

Human Resources Planning and Forecasting

The planning and forecasting process is used to determine the vacant positions within the firm…

Recruitment Process

The Walmart Company has a well-established hiring process.

Recruitment Sources

These are sources that help the organization in identification as well as the attraction…