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Scripture Reading There’s much more to reading the Bible than merely understanding the words on the page.
Communion with God is not something a person institutes. It is like sleep you cannot make yourself sleep, you can create the conditions that allow sleep to happen. Contemplation is more than just silence. It requires a deep reflection, repetition, patience and persistent. In the epistle of Hebrews, the author uses “we” and “us” 78 times. So many reference s to plurality should inspire a desire for community. (The Book of Hebrews) Hebrews 10. The body of Christ is in corporate nature. This should inspire togetherness and should inspire us to help each other in following Christ. “A spiritual friend is someone whom you can explore your deep fears and anxieties without filtering them first.” I want to strive to be a spiritual friend to those burdened by their troubles that they find it hard to voice their own prayers.
Prayer Concerns  
Lord, help me to read your word and really understand it instead of merely reading the words.
Lord, assist me to open up to your words and really hear what you are saying to me.
Lord, I ask you to help me meditate and truly contemplate on your word.
Lord, please help me to have a sense of community with everyone around me.
Lord, please help me to inspire others into following Jesus with me.
Lord, please lead me to a spiritual friend that I can readily confide in.
Lord, please help me to be a spiritual friend so I can intercede for them.
Praise and Thanks Thank you Lord for enabling me to really understand your word.
Thank you Lord for opening my spiritual ears to really hear your word. Thank you lord for giving me the ability to truly contemplate on your word. Thank you Lord for inspiring a sense of community in me. Lord, I thank you for helping me bring more people to you. Lord, thank you for giving me a competent spiritual friend. Thank you Lord, for enabling me to be a sufficient spiritual friend.
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Notes from class  

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