What if I told you that there was a free giveaway of the brand new iPhone 8? I bet a majority would ask where immediately. Apple has been in the limelight for the past millennium and it was seen as uncool when someone moved to other brands. However recently there has been a major shift of the so-called fans to other products of different brands other than Apple. What is causing this major uproar?
The company’s domination of the market has been evident till now. Tough companies have emerged and pushed Apple to the backseat, similar to what Apple had been doing to companies over the years. Ironic right? Apple has simply lost its Midas touch in the market. Simple mistakes have been piling up in the corner which burst up in the company’s face. For Apple to get its lost glory it needs to seriously pull up its socks. Management must be the first thing that should be tackled. Launching of unverified products was one big mistake Apple did. Apple’s voice assistant, Siri was released with a lot of mishaps that pissed off many people. That management mistake made it so easy for Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa to step in right forward and take the crown.
If this major mistake is looked at keenly and amended it would mean a clear highway for Apple. The latest addition to Apple’s cart is the stream TV service. It runs head to head with Roku and Chromecast. The latter has started the race quite ahead of Apple mainly because of the sales price. The Apple TV price is up to eight times more than Roku making the latter being preferred more. However, with simple corrections, Apple’s breakthrough would be clear and imminent.
We are in the digital era. If new revolutions and discoveries are to be made it is in this area. Apple CEO Tim Cook declared in 2015 that “the future of TV is apps.” Quite frankly he is right and this is why Apple bursting to the top of the stream TV market should be its main priority. Not only would it emerge to the top, but it would also get back its cool factor and be the “it” thing once again. It is one thing for one to reach the peak. It is also another to consistently remain there.