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Question 1

That it is mandatory to attend school is a perfect example of the social construction of reality. Social construction is a theory which suggests that what is real or the way we behave, how we view others and ourselves is shaped by our experiences in life and interacting with others (Burr, 2018). The model also implies that our reality is based on what has been socially accepted.
Attending school to acquire education is mandatory and is considered as one of the basic needs that everyone in society should have. It is a social construction given that in the earlier years, there were no schools or even education and people were doing just as fine. With time, however, education was introduced to make people literate but some groups such as women and girls would not be allowed to access it. Things changed and today, it is necessary for every child to go to school as required by the law.
In reality, attending school has been socially accepted. This makes parents’ to work hard or do what they can to secure their children’s education. The government also plays a significant role in emphasizing on this reality. It is evident that when one is educated, they are more likely to have a bright future. Many people who have gone to school have been able to secure jobs. Education also makes one fit in the society. To a large extent, being educated is a major way to fit in the society. Today, only a few people are educated given that the government has made education affordable to everyone.
In general, based on the social construction of reality theory, it is a must for one to be educated mainly because it what has been accepted in the society and even indicated in the law. Besides, education is important to us because people who have it tend to live better lives than those who have not gone to school.
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