International studies is a field in political science, which is similar to global studies in which students are taken through a variety of internationally focused courses  in both humanity and social science (Deardorff, Darla and Hans 12). In addition, the field studies the relationship between different political entities including states, empires, NGOs, multinational corporations, sovereign states, and other wide world systems produced through this interaction. According to Smallman, Shawn and Kimberley Brown (2015, pp.23), international relations is both positive and normative, since it formulates and analyzes the foreign policy states. There are two different types of international relations students, that is, the students pursuing the course as a career path, and the ones pursuing the course to widen their global knowledge. This paper is a reflection of the type of international student that I am.
To begin with, I view myself as a jack of all traits since I possess a wide knowledge of different fields. To begin, I have done medicine, journalism and now I am pursuing my master’s degree in international relations degree. However, my perspective of international relations is different because I belong to both types of international students. Firstly, been a journalist, international relations will be of great importance in my career because it will widen my reach. In my current studies, my focus is on Middle East and South East Asia. I have developed a strong interest in these areas and therefore having a master’s degree in international relations will help me in understanding these regions in different ways, including their culture. In addition, the degree will help  me expand my knowledge of  interacting with people in different areas  particulrly in the middle east and South East Asia. consequently, I will be in a positiion to better collect information and present it in the best way possible.
Secondly, I am pursuing the international relations as a career path. My current job as a journalist is likely to be a stepping stone to diversity.  For a long time, I have been nursing a passion for working with different international organizations, which are focused at bettering the lives of people in different parts of the globe.  Remarkably, I am highly interested in foreign policy making as well as the implementation process.  In addition, I like to be part of high ranked international organziations  inclduing  United Nations,  which contribute  towards promoting peace, security, in addition to global development. What is more, my fluency in different languages is likely to catapult me to  working in these international organziations. For instance, I am fluent in Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, and English and these are millstones to my career entrance and progress working in the international bodies. The fluency will improve my ability of work with the local people and understanding their needs and issues facing them. While pursuing my education on international relations, I plan to learn more languages as well as cultures in order to fit in the diverse world.


From the literature above, it is clear that I am pursuing international relations as a career and for increasing global knowledge. To begin with, the international studies course will be of great importance in my career. The course will help to increase my global insight and expand my ability of gathering and reporting information. On the other hand, I am pursuing the course as a career. Having nursed my passion to work with international bodies like the United Nations, the course will impart me with the knowledge I require in working with these organizations. For example, my fluency in different languages will help me in serving locals in different nations.
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