The story is centered on the chief of the spirit world. In his lifetime he grows tired of staying in the clouds above the earth and it is this that pushes him to settle on earth. Prior to bringing his family to earth, he creates various life forms such as fishes, otters and many animals that walk the face of the planet earth. Eventually, the spirit god would lose his daughter to the grizzly bears and on the reunion, would curse them to walking on all the four limbs.
It is important to consider the development of the story. With an eventuality of the Indian race and two-footed grizzly bears, the author primarily focuses on the spirit god, his daughter, and the Grizzlies. As per the Grizzlies, the author personifies them with the qualities of speaking and walking on two feet. On the aspect of the settlement, he describes them to stay on the foot of the mountains. The main aim of placing the Grizzlies at the foot of the mountain is to develop the story the way he does: the daughter gets lost and is taken in by the Grizzlies. With this, the daughter of the spirit god gives birth to the Indian families while the grizzly bears are cursed to eternally walk on their two feet. The development of the story on the part of the spirit god where he moves from the skies, lives with his family on the mountain Shasta, and eventually, his daughter gets pregnant is magnificently done. The transition periods between the plots is remarkable.
As per the decision to select the Indian race and the Grizzlies, the development of the story was very successful. However, the choice of the spirit god was not as significant as there is no proper interaction between him and the other characters, a better selection would have been the god of life. Regardless, the story was successful and introduces the reader to myths about the Indian race.
The story development from the beginning to the end was a success. The author develops all the plots in such a unique way that the transition periods are very successful. Furthermore, the choice of characters was centered on the theme of relationship.
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