After some background research and careful consideration on the city I want to settle together with my family, I have finally decided that Halifax, a town in Nova Scotia Canada is the one. The town resides numerous companies, with the booming gas and oil fabrication, and it is also progressively creating job opportunities for the residences. With a small population of less than a million citizens, Nava Scotia is among the smallest provinces of Canada, and the fascinating thing about this community is the people here are very happy smirking, naturally pleasant and vastly educated. The main reason am looking forward to settling in Halifax is the fact that I get along very well with the friendly Canadian people. Also, the city is furthermore the heart of cultural, learning and to point out it is in the midst of a flourishing robust economic activity which is an assurance of a modest life. Having done my degree, I have this thirst to complete my masters and utterly quench my craving for education by possibly undertaking a Ph.D., and for that reason, Halifax remains my best choice of settling since it homes some of the most prominent universities in Canada (Saint Mary and Dalhousie University). Exceptionally the climate of the city is also crisp, with a breath-taking lively community of commerce, art and music.
Historically Canadian and USA residents had a mutual understanding and have lived harmoniously for quite a while now, most fascinating is during world war 2 when the Canadian government allowed USA troopers airship to land in Canada. It is this story that made me fall in love with the Canadians, and within my limits, they are part of my more significant family.  A series of many events have depicted Canadian people as lovely and indeed has made me feel like part of the Halifax people in the five years that I have lived in this fantastic city. It is not surprising voted as the best place to live in the world by the UN was Canada among other countries. It openly accepts immigrants and most importantly allows them despite having incompatible cultures and races, offers admirable high quality living within one’s means with an exceptionally among one of the best education systems which are affordable and accessible regarding cost. For the several years, I have lived here at Canada I find Halifax very well organized and catering to citizens from all walks of life regarding economic living standards, cheap housing, accessibility to places of work, reasonable transport from one destination of the city to another and exceptionally business and family-friendly province.
Among the many reasons that am looking forward to settling together with my family in Halifax, is the cheap healthcare system that the government of the day has provided to its citizen through a programme that is aimed to donate to the healthcare support. Also, the Canadian administration has also set a mind-blowing child care system that is exceptional. There is a tax waiver free monthly payment for suitable families to assist them with the outlay of raising kids who are under age (18 years). The specific waver depends on the parent’s yearly income. Remarkably, there are facilities for the disabled in all public amenities for instance in the trains, buses, and buildings; there is also a door to door hoist and drop services for the physically challenged people.  In additional children’s early education is funded by tax payer’s donations and therefore all children enjoy free quality education.
Despite many countries in the world fighting corruption epidemic, Canada is a free corruption zone; one won’t need to bribe anyone to get favors or for ones work done. Other reasons that have prompted me to live permanently in this utopian community is low crime rate, reasonably comfy model way of life, and the creditable visa-free to one hundred and seventy countries, in general, the ease of travel internationally is out of imagination. Nava Scotia is a land of opportunities and educational empowerment, and this is the perfect place am looking forward to finishing my education, settle down and raise my children because from point to point illustrations detailed above, permanently living in Halifax will be a dream come true