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I am interested in Advocacy because so that I can empower the individuals, groups, and communities with knowledge. Apart from registered nurses, medical directors, and other health specialists, social workers play a significant role in providing services based on advocacy. There are many people who make health-related choices as information has not been availed to them. More so, the vulnerable people in the society are at a higher risk of experiencing poor health services and injustices due to lack of information or misinformation (Dalrymple, and Jane 1). For instance, the parents to a mentally unstable person might not know where to find a mental therapist and as a result, it might take longer for the patient to receive help or they might give up.
In such a situation, an advocate would not only be helpful in assisting the family to locate a psychotherapist but also, guide or advise them on the most appropriate solution to their problem. By ensuring that the clients have knowledge about their problems, advocacy will not only save the time taken to find help but also make sure that all the needs of the defenseless people are catered for.
I also want to pursue advocacy so that I can contribute to healthcare-related policy development. More so, I want to make changes in the unjust systems that suppress the weak groups. The economically deprived persons in the society such as the racial minorities experience a wide range of health disparities yet, little has been done to address the issue (Dalrymple, and Jane 1). I would like to be an advocate so that I can work together with policymakers in the health industry so that the minorities’ well-being is also prioritized.
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