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Attaining competence in writing is essential in pursuing general academic excellence in higher learning. In this regard, the writing skills requirement certifies that one is capable of using the persuasion, researching and evaluation skills, summary, and referencing among other skills in written discourse. Considering my excellent performance in English 3003, I have successfully met the writing skills test requirement. My work reveals that I have met the three major basic writing competency objectives namely: reading and writing proficiency, research skills, and self-editing skills.
I have developed the ability to use rhetoric, including understanding and applying the use of ethos, pathos, and logos, in my writing. The first two assignments in class were critical in understanding the role of presenting a positive image that would cause my audience to believe in what I was saying. In addition, the knowledge of how to use appropriate words with regards to my audience feelings is important in enabling me to persuade them to my point of view. More importantly, my ability to develop a logical argument and also elaborate on ideas in the paper makes me a success writer (ACARA, 2013).
My ability to use research skills and present findings, as well as my ability to reference the sources used in my study makes me a great writer. In particular, my ability to reference the sources of the research materials used in my academic papers enables me to avoid plagiarism (ACCRA, 2013). Further, my ability to format my papers correctly enhances my writing skills. Through practice, I learned the different styles of referencing such as MLA, APA, Harvard, and Chicago. As a result, I can present my papers in the most suitable format depending on the subject I am writing about.
I have also developed a culture of editing and proofreading my papers in order to avoid stylistic and grammatical errors. In addition, the editing of my papers enables me to correct any awkward sentences as well as any poorly presented ideas. The ability to self-edit is important in ensuring that my papers are clear and can be easily understood by my audience.
In summary, I now appreciate the importance of the basic competency writing skills in my academic pursuance. I realize that persuasion in writing depends on the proper use of rhetorical skills, researching and documenting, and revising skills. Because I have demonstrated these major objectives in English 3003, I am persuaded that I have successfully met the writing test requirement. In particular, I have and writing proficiency, research, and self-editing skills all of which make me a great writer.
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