Here we come across Sarah Good and Sarah Osborne whom was named as witches in the village of Salem just after Tituba was being announced as a witch. The two women were accused of bewitching the seven girls as recorded by the Putnams who were renowned as a wealthy and important family owning large piece of land in Salem. Thomas crucible is able to manipulate Reverend Parris and undermine the protagonists in the case like John Proctor. According to the first examination conducted by magistrates, John Carwin and John Hathorne on 1st march at Ingersoll’s tavern of which more than hundred people showed up forcing the incidence to be moved to another venue, meetinghouse to create more space for large congregation present. The accused were interrogated to answer the allegations a head of them.
Spectral evidence was really emphasized in the trials, which was a testimony from a witness who had Spectre, which was the possession of spirits from the witch. The spirit could go and pinch the neighbors at their homes making them uncomfortable.
One witch named Tituba made up her mind to say the truth in order to make case the easy for her by admitting she was a witch. Most people were in a disbelief from the confession made by her due to her previously denial. She admitted before the meeting that was a tall man from Boston claimed to be Satan who requested her sign in his book and do the work for him. She started naming other witches including Sarah Good and Sarah Osborne. They were five in number who usually fly in the air on poles of villages. She also claimed to have tried to persuade Reverend Parris to come for counseling unfortunately the devil had objected her root.
The confession and more stories from the spectral evidence anchored for witch hunt. After a short period of time more people would be accused of witchcraft including four year old Dorcas, daughter to Sarah Goods, others included Mary Corey, Rebecca Nurse, Sarah Cloyce and Mary Easty who were to be jailed for eight months. A part from Dorcas, all the other women had grudges with the afflicted families. The seven afflicted girls continued to be condemned by the spectrals.
In conclusion, the characters were actually not mad due to the presence of the witch trail as a result of the devil’s doing. Any person including the villagers might have perceived the story from this angle, at the historical perspective we are fully told the whole story being contrary to their expectations.