There has been arguments revolving around the involvement of women in military forces and more so in combat wars. This has raised a lot of concern about the women joining the combat forces. The debate is that when women are considered in the combat forces they cannot perform equally to the anticipations required. When incorporated in the battle they are not able to offer that assistance fully as seen as the loophole that can be used by the enemy to attack the forces.
This in return weakens the efforts laid down by the men in the battle thus necessitating defeat in the war. The women could have been left in the combat units to keep defense if there could be a need of incorporating women in the forces and perhaps ensuring the move of gender equality in the forces. They can also be given roles within the forces other than participating in the war.
The women are bound to sexual harassment. When women are placed together with men in the same camp for long time, these are adults who are sexuality active; there is higher degree of these two parties conniving at some point thus loosing the focus towards the accomplishment of their mission. This brings a lot of controversies in the performance of women in the combat wars. To my own view I would rather suggest that men should be the only people to manage this aspect of combat wars so that to make it effective and successful.
As seen in many occasions when two parties start concentrating in the love affairs this causes negative impact on the fulfillment of their mission. The first and sudden consequence would be the rampant death of many soldiers composing of many women, secondly they will be able to defeated in their battle, also those who will be left they undergo long experiences before their rescue and sometimes being filled with those traumas which cannot be easily be forgotten by this female gender. The argument behind this is that women will be the ones that would be affected more in this situation.
There is also low level of aggressiveness and cohesion when carrying out combat among the women. Women are prone to keeping grief and grudges as compared to men. This act as a limiting factor in their performance, the individual differences matter so much in them rather than men when they are destined to a specific task they are all focused on its fulfillment by putting aside the individual differences amongst themselves. They consider it as something very minor in comparison to the one they are intending to undertake.
On the terms of cohesion, women cannot stay for long without their families especially those who are married and have families. This is a big challenge when involving women in carrying out the task of combat. Men can stay outside his family for long and when they return they just come and fill their gaps in the society as well as in the family. This is a nightmare to the female child as when returning from the combat they fill discouraged and admit not at any part of their life do they wish to undertake the task again. This serves as a distinctive element as to why this act of involving women in the combat to be really discouraged.
In conclusion, we have focused on the specific reasons to why women should not be considered fully in combat as elaborated above. In my opinion, women should only be given roles and responsibilities in the combat units just to make them be part of the forces as they are also known to be perfect just like men in carrying out the duties allocated to them in any field as well in the forces due to their qualifications towards that.
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