Assignment Guidance

Section / Title
Details / Guidance
Majan Assignment Coversheet Include names, students ID number, Module title and code,
Title page Title of your report.  Address (to/from) and date the report.
Contents Page Include page numbers.
Introduction Short introduction of the report setting out the coverage particularly the Contemporary Issue that is cited and provide a brief history of the chosen local organization. (approximately 300 words)
Literature Review
(Task 1)
An evaluation of the challenges / issues facing the organization based on the chosen Contemporary Issue in HR using third party sources such as academic journal articles, practitioner-orientated materials, and books for support in analyzing the theoretical concept that underpins the various Contemporary Issues. (around 1500 words)
(Task 2)
An evaluation of how the local organization has addressed the challenges/ issues. Consider the existence and impact of  the Contemporary Issue in your chosen organization by evaluating how the issue is being manifested in the organization and so can contribute to the overall effectiveness organization. (around 1300 words)
Conclusions This section should initially answer the objectives  of the report and together draw the main points from the analysis of the literature and other discussion about the chosen organisation. This summarises what has been learned from undertaking this research.  It should reach an overall conclusion as to the extent and effectiveness of the issues identified on your organisation and based upon option evaluation begins to identify the way forward.  No new information should be presented in the conclusions. (around 200 words).
(Task 3)
Recommendations on how the organization could better address these issues/ challenges to enhance their competitive advantage. (around 200 words)
Reference List A list of the third-party sources that have been consulted and which are cited directly in the text.  All these sources should be properly identified.
Word Limit 3500 words +/- 10%(Excluding the contents page and  reference lists).
Submission Deadline for submission is11:59 to be announce later.
You should submit your report electronically via Turnitin on MOVE.