Task Details
You are required to write a 1500-word individual reflective essay based on the debate topic of your presentation. You need to clearly explain whether you agree, disagree or both with the debate topic and why?
You can argue any case you want and not necessarily the case you argued during your presentation. What are your main arguments? What is the evidence you have based your arguments on? Are there any case studies to back your argument? You need to use relevant examples to make your case. The marking criteria for the essay are listed in Table 3.
This is a research task. You are expected to read the essential readings and beyond in the completion of this task. The further readings included in the reading list provide one starting point for your research. However, we expect to see sources from beyond the reading list. The quality of your research – which includes the quality of the sources and their relevancy – as well as your effective use of that research are accorded significant weight in the marking criteria (see Table 3).
Quality sources are most obviously peer reviewed articles and quality books or book chapters. While the internet is a good research tool and contains an abundance of information, be mindful of the quality and authority of the information you find there. If in doubt of the quality of a source, consult either the Library staff or the Q manual.