For this coursework, you need to produce report of a survey of the healthcare system in the
country of your residence. As a suggested title for your report, you can use the assignment title
and include your surveyed country within it, so for example: ‘A Survey of the Healthcare System
in the India’.
Although the report should focus on one specific country, you may make comparisons with other
countries so as to derive a critical analysis. Statistics or other forms of concrete evidence should
be presented to support the statements made in your discussions and analysis. The report
should follow the normal academic requirements for ethics, plagiarism, and referencing.
The report will need to cover two of the following three subjects of healthcare, according to the
principles covered within the units. There is a practical element within each task where you need
to devise solutions for certain problems. The details are as follows.
Choose two out of the following three tasks.
1. Healthcare Service Management
o Describe various types of healthcare services that exist in the chosen country, and
explain how service providers work together and allocate resources in order to cater for
the growing needs of health and social care services. Elaborate on the various key
entities of the healthcare service infrastructure in the country, and discuss how any
identified parts of management and leadership play an important role in the healthcare
system within the country. As part of this you should make comparisons and critical
judgments about the effectiveness (or otherwise) of how particular services or
infrastructure are managed and organised.
o Practical Element: Identify and evaluate structural implications, if any, and explain with
justification how certain challenges can be addressed. Proposed solutions must be
evidence-based, such as based on relevant secondary data, research publications, and
other relevant sources. As above, aim to produce comparisons or critical assessments in
support of any suggestions or solutions that you propose, giving examples or references
where appropriate.