Zarrillo, J. (2007). Are you prepared to teach reading? A practical tool for self-assessment.Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.
my assignment:
this book has a test that I need you to analyse.. Imagine that I did the test and i got the score ( in the middle) not very high and not low. after that write about it.
Individual candidates will use the Zarrillo text to perform a self-assessment of their current 5 strengths and 5 limitations regarding their ability to teach literacy. Based on their own detailed analysis, candidates will describe their strengths as identified by this assessment and will self-select 5 areas in which they will complete tutorials in the corresponding chapters of the Zarrillo text or other professional development activities to improve their expertise in teaching those areas. In addition, candidates will describe an action plan for further development in these 5 and any additional areas of professional development.
If you have the book and find the test please do it for me.
I look forward to your reply.